Guide about Dubai City Tour with Burj Khalifa

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Dubai is a poll of skyscrapers with a lot of things to visit, make memories, and a lot of venues. Almost everyone dreams of visiting Dubai at least once in their life. Moreover, Dubai is the 4th most visited city after Bangkok, Paris, and London.

In 2021, there were 7.8 million tourists in Dubai. It has enthralling shopping malls, swimming pools, parks, buildings, and safari. Dubai city tour, which includes Burj Khalifa, is the most searched building on Google today.

Furthermore, you can buy branded clothes from famous malls like the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Mercato Mall, and Ibn Batutta Mall, which is a famous spot for fashion enthusiasts.

Well, Dubai has everything you ever dream of. The most luxurious hotels in the world can cost an arm or leg. Although, there are affordable parks like Dubai Desert Safari and Dubai Safari Park.

People enjoy the Dubai city tour because these amusing foods, enjoyable places, hangouts, dune bashing, and air balloon seems more thrilling than you think.

In the next phase of our article, we’ll deeply go through the best Dubai City tour spots. Burj Khalifa is one of the eye-capturing buildings.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.













Burj Khalifa – Tallest building to experience

The half-a-mile skyscraper has been a fanciful place to experience. It has over 163 floors, in which companies, hotels, and restaurants are monopolizing their growth. You would need to bend your neck all the way up to see the top of the building.

If you ever have a chance to visit it, you shouldn’t miss out on drinking the 24 Carrot Gold Coffee with caramelized ring plus with madeleines on the sides, which is available on the 123rd floor of the building.

Moreover, you can glance at the picturesque view on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa. It holds several records like the longest traveled elevator, tallest building, etc. Note that you can’t bring your own food, such as soft drinks, refreshments, etc, to this building, and no shenanigans will be tolerated.

Keep in mind that Burj Khalifa is an expensive building to visit. The falcon eye view, Arabic architectural design, and the luxurious outlook can make you wonder, why are you still not visiting it? The staff will welcome and give you homage.

Not only this, but you can also enjoy breakfast at Burj Khalifa. You can book your tickets online for 7:30 a.m. The entry to Burj Khalifa is from Dubai Mall; you can get there by Metro. After entering this monumental building, there will be a lot of LCDs podcasting the history of Burj Khalifa.

You’ll be guided to a lift, and it will make your way to floor 124, as mentioned above. The breakfast is absolutely free with the ticket.

There are many more places to visit on a Dubai City tour; let’s check them out.

Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

This can get you astounded. The artificial island has luxury hotels and the world’s longest water slide. From our adolescence, we all have seen materials such as cement and steel in construction. However, there were none of these items used. It cost them $12 billion to construct this. The Atlantis hotel is one of the most iconic places to stay in.

Furthermore, the skydives from 6000 feet above the ground from a helicopter look enthralling and exquisite.

Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai real estate industry is considered the cutting edge of innovation and progress. The Dubai Safari Park is one such project that animal lovers would undoubtedly adore.

Dubai Safari Park is a popular eco-friendly park. Dubai Park is a solar-powered park with portions that showcase wildlife from around the world. Those with special interests can visit the aviary, chimpanzee, or reptile houses.

Families can relax at the kid’s farm with its activities. Dubai Safari Park is a comprehensive package for releasing your energy and having fun with your family. The current operating hours of Dubai Safari Park are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Keep in mind that a full tour of the safari park takes about five hours, so you’ll need plenty of time to see everything.

There are four distinct sections in Dubai safari park the Asian, African, Arabian, and Safari Village, each of which has its ticket. Still, you can also purchase a one-day pass that allows you unlimited admission to all four sections.

Dubai Safari Villages

Safari Village

One can take a bus tour of the Safari Village with a knowledgeable guide to learn more about the magnificent animals that can be seen there. Drive through the exhibit of the gorgeous Lions lounging in their environment while watching the hippo exhibit and the baboon canyon.

The excursion comes to a close with a spectacular sighting of white rhinos. The striped hyena, cheetah, deer, water buffalo, and Nile crocodile are a few of the area’s other notable inhabitants.

African Villages

Mammals of various sizes, both large and small, abound in this African community, hence the name. It has everything from elephants to meerkats. Additionally, the largest Aviary in Dubai allows visitors to sit back and watch birds from all over the world soar above them in the sky.

In addition, there’s a reptile house that’s a must-see for anyone captivated by these cold-blooded creatures. Gorillas and chimpanzees, two of Africa’s most well-known primates, have their climate-controlled habitats in the hamlet.

Underwater viewing lets you see the pygmy hippos in action as they swim. The Komodo dragon, lemurs, flamingos, African lions, and elephants are among the region’s most notable residents.

Arabian Village

In the Arabian Village, between the dunes and mountains, you’ll board a tram with a guide to learn about the region’s wildlife and how the Dubai Conservation team is working to help return these magnificent species to the wild. You’ll find an ostrich and gazelle in this area, wolves and oryx, mouflon, mouflons, and antelope.

Asian Village

Spotting Asian Forest inhabitants like gibbons and Komodo dragons while hiking through the jungle is an exhilarating experience. The orangutan, moon bear, and gibbon exhibits are the three main attractions.

Wadi Village

A place to unwind and take in the scenery while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a snack. There is a playground area, climbing nets, zip lines, and bungee jumping in the adventure valley for adults and children alike to enjoy.

Kids Farm

The kid’s farm is a novel technique to bring youngsters into contact with animals. Animals such as goats, lambs, and cows are available for children to interact with and learn about.

Deep Dubai Pool

Deep Dive Dubai has become the deepest pool on Earth after beating the Poland pool record. The breathtaking and wondrous pool has a 60-meter dept, 56+ water cameras, 3.6 million gallons of water, and a lot of things, which can excite the diver.

It has an underwater city, a bike, and a lot of indoor games, which is one of the main attractions of this Deep Dubai pool. If you are on a Dubai City tour, you shouldn’t miss this out.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is a well-known place and pretty affordable, as well. A 4×4 Land Cruiser will pick you up from your hotel and ride your way to this exciting Desert Safari. There are a lot of inclusive packages, which include dinner, dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, etc.

The Morning and Overnight desert safari both have different activities. In Morning Safari, you can enjoy camps, camel riding, quad bikes, etc. Also, capture the sunrise, which looks enchanting to see.

Moreover, you can enjoy delicious Barbeque, Sheesha, belly dance, and stay overnight while counting the stars. There are some precautions, which you should make yourself like bring refreshments, creams, first aids, sun blocks, and a lot of other kinds of stuff. Also, follow guidelines provided by Desert Safari rules and regulations.

Dubai Dolphinarium

As with many other attractions in Dubai, the Dubai Dolphinarium offers a diverse selection of fun. It is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai for families and is regarded as one of the top amusement parks in the city. There are fish farms and coral reefs in Dubai’s Creekside Park Fun Zone. With the help of this educational exhibit, visitors may learn more about endangered dolphins worldwide and the need to protect them.

It is the dolphin and seal shows that are the main attraction here. Animals juggle, paint and even play hoops during the show. They’re adorable. To top it all off, you can go swimming with dolphins at this facility! Similarly, this amusement park hosts a wide variety of events and parties. Dolphin experts are also involved in educational initiatives. The Dolphinarium in Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do.


Dubai is a beautiful mix of adventure and calm, with a dash of technology and lovely culture. This city has many things to offer. You now have a clear idea of each location you should visit on your holiday to enhance your experience. Excellent opportunity to explore Dubai uniquely on your way.

Our tour guide about Dubai is well-versed in this transition and will be able to present you with a wealth of well-researched material that will provide context and background knowledge about the beautiful places you must have to visit.