Guide to advertising Instagram

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An easy-to-follow guide to advertising Instagram


Nowadays, businesses (instagram) can’t survive without a presence on social media. The vast majority of users are on social media throughout the day. If companies want to stand above the digital noise and stand out, they should also join these social networks.


Thanks to their popularity, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are two of the most frequently targeted by advertisers. Numerous companies have prospered due to engaging with users via these websites. However, there’s a third website that businesses must be focusing on: Instagram.


Instagram is a platform that lets users upload and share their pictures and videos. Since its debut in 2010, it has proved to be an enormous success that Facebook made a move to buy the site in 2012 for around $1 billion. It has since grown quicker than the parent company. Because marketing is visually oriented, Instagram is an ideal platform for brands looking to draw new users.

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What is the reason for using INSTAGRAM?

Although it’s not yet able to boast an audience as large as Facebook, Instagram is expanding quickly. People of a younger age are flocking to the website. A study conducted by Pew Research Centre found that 55% of users between 18 to 29 across the United States used Instagram.


This means that more than half of the younger generations are using the platform, which should make any company looking to connect with Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Millennial or Gen Z markets sit up and pay attention.



Multiple studies have revealed that Instagram offers the most significant engagement rate for any media platform. Yotpo discovered that IG visitors stay on the site for 45 percent longer than Facebook and 62% more over Pinterest while 40% more than Twitter.


Instagram is even a top source of direct traffic to a business’s website for the number of their dynamic interactions. In addition, IG users stay active for longer durations and buy items at a very high price.


A majority of the polled said they purchased something after seeing it on Instagram, and 72% said that looking at pictures of the product posted on Instagram increased their chances of buying the item. Since the platform currently has more than 600 million active monthly users (and growing), It would be a shame for any company to not profit from these impressive engagement rates.



One of the main factors behind Instagram’s popularity is the targeted advertisement method. It is on the same techniques that for Facebook, Instagram allows you to select specific demographics to target your users. It can also reduce it down to specific particular niches.


This means that you can be confident that those who view these ads are the most open to the messages. It’s much more precise and efficient than wandering around in the dark, hoping that people will find them.


Instagram also provides tools for analysis that allow companies to gauge their posts’ engagement rate and reach.



If you are unsure regarding the use of Instagram, it is possible to find an array of brands’ case studies that you can peruse.


For instance, it was the case that Dairy Queen, a restaurant Dairy Queen launched a promotion known as “Upside Down or Free” on Instagram. It offered an ice cream treat for free on the customer’s return if the Blizzard dessert was not served upside-down to them upside down.

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The campaign consisted of a collection of well-designed, captivating photos of actors in upside-down rooms decorated to resemble the Blizzard flavour.


The ads were targeted primarily at those aged between 18 and 34. A crowd of more than 20 million saw them. The result was an increase of 18 percent in recall among a group that is notoriously unresponsive to traditional advertising techniques.



If you believe that Instagram is the ideal platform for your business, you must start creating content.


However, you must be aware that what works on other social media platforms might not be similar on Instagram. It is to create the content you create specifically for Instagram, considering its unique trends and expectations.


STEP 1: REsearch

Do some initial research. Look around Instagram for a few minutes and take notes. Examine what a typical post looks like and the content that gets the most attention.


You’ll need your campaign to blend into the overall picture, not make a statement. This may seem counterproductive initially. Since, aren’t they meant to be a flash in the pan at you and attract attention towards them? However, advertisements that don’t appear natural Instagram content will be rescinded or ignored by the users.


One thing you may observe is that the Instagram posts don’t usually have much text within the images. The majority of the description is in captions or hashtags. This allows the picture to be the sole spokesperson for the idea.


People flock to Instagram for appealing images and videos. People want to feel like they’ve received value from what they’ve seen, and blatant marketing can distract from satisfaction. The ability to provide value via quality content draws attention and outcomes.


The most effective Instagram tool for analytics is SocialFox, an essential tool for truly knowing your data.



For any campaign, begin with an idea of the goals you want to accomplish.


You can narrow down your desired demographics. What is it that catches their attention and imagination? Please take a look at the brand’s image and the message you want to communicate about it. What can you do to convey this visually?


But most importantly, consider how Instagram can best convey these issues. What will it look like in the format of a single image? A carousel with several photos? A short duration video?


The more precisely a plan is drawn out, the more straightforward its implementation will be.



An Instagram account isn’t the only requirement for you to get started. To promote your business on Instagram, one of the things you require is a Facebook account and a Business Manager. After opening your account and filling in the required details, link the account to an IG account.


All you need to do is start Business Manager, go to Business Settings, and click on IG Accounts. You can select the Claim Accounts New Instagram Account option and enter your Instagram account’s username and password in the appropriate fields. Please check the box that authorises the desired performance, and confirm it using Save Changes.