5 Strategies to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

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Consider hashtags like labels to your posts. It’s an excellent method to categorise and tag your content so that readers can locate it, increasing the reach of your content and also help in social media marketing.

Twitter was the initial social network to begin linking hashtags in 2009. Then, shortly after, we observed several different social networks follow their lead.

5 Tips to Effectively Utilize Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are an excellent method to connect with people on various websites on social media, allowing users to initiate conversations and engage with each other.

Hashtags can also be used to group related content with similar themes, thereby increasing the overall engagement of the general audience.

Synchronizing your social media accounts with your inbound marketing strategy using hashtags will allow new followers to discover your profile.

Are you not seeing a rise in engagement, impressions, and followers using your existing “hashtagging” method? Here are five ways to make use of hashtags in the world of social media:

1. Do your research

Before you do deep diving and start the most advanced and include 30 hashtags in your new Instagram post, make sure you do your homework! What is the current conversation about? Look at the current popular hashtags.

Using hashtags that are currently being talked about is an innovative and efficient way to boost the visibility of your content, increase engagement and expand your audience.

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What is your competition doing? Go to your competitors’ channels and check out the hashtags they use to increase engagement.

This can help you find the most relevant hashtags for your content. It is also possible to decide that you do not want to utilize the same hashtags that your competitors use.

In that case, you could search for alternative hashtags that you can use instead. Analyzing competitors is an effective strategy to consider in assessing your social marketing strategy for media.

There are a variety of resources online that provide lists of popular hashtags across a range of subjects. Researching hashtags can help you establish a solid base for the use of hashtags for the marketing of your business on the social media plan.

2. Make sure your hashtags are simple, precise, and pertinent

If you’re trying to use hashtags in your strategy for social media efficiently, simplicity is the key. Think about what your customers or potential customers will be searching to find when they’re searching for your digital marketing agency or social media services.

As we’re now well into the season of giving, Let’s consider the holiday season as an example. Do you have a target audience searching for holiday-themed offers, promotions, or others? Are you looking for contests and giveaways? Holiday decor inspiration?

Tags that are too lengthy or difficult to pronounce or spell are not effective since the chances are that nobody is likely to remember or look for them. Make sure you choose hashtags that are simple to remember.

Here are some examples of simple and simple-to-remember hashtags for Instagram and the number of posts associated with these hashtags.

Although simplicity is essential, you should also be specific about the hashtags you’re employing. Specifically-designed hashtags could lead to the most targeted audience, and a more specific audience typically means higher engagement with your posts.

For example, #holidays get popular approximately 52.7 million times via Instagram. If you choose to use this hashtag, the odds of your posts being lost among other posts that use the hashtag are much more likely.

Therefore, instead of just using the hashtag #holidays, you might be able to pair it with other, more appropriate, and specific hashtags.

It is essential to search for hashtags that provide an idea of the subject matter of the conversation and ensure that the hashtags you’re employing are appropriate for the material you’re posting.

3. Make use of unique hashtags that are branded for your content

What distinguishes you? Don’t simply rely on generic hashtags.

Expect followers to retweet and share your content. Don’t rely solely on generic hashtags and expect new followers to come across your posts.

Sometimes, when you use too general hashtags, your content is lost among the sea of posts with that same hashtag.

As a social media marketing professional, one of the most effective ways to distinguish your content and yourself apart is to design unique, distinctive and branded hashtags specifically tailored to your brand or campaign for your business.

In the past, Coca-Cola revamped its brand on social media through its #RefreshtheFeed social media campaign in the light of World Kindness Day.

They filled their social media channels with uplifting content as they launched “a new strategy for social media for the brand, rooted in positive energy, optimism, and connections.”

This is an excellent illustration of a brand-specific hashtag. It’s easy, particular, meaningful, and you can tell you’re talking about Coca-Cola when you notice it.

Lays Another brand sticks to a simple approach with their hashtag, which is branded #Lays. The hashtag is its name. On Instagram, most of Lays’ posts are associated with #Lays in their caption.

It is also evident to the following on Twitter that Lays has also created custom hashtags to promote their campaigns, such as their #DoUsAFlavor contest, which allows people to submit their most innovative potato chip recipes.

Simple as it sounds, everybody knows the name when they look at the hashtags. It’s essential to develop something unique to ensure that people catch the message. If people come across that hashtag on social media, they’ll be able to tell that it’s your company’s brand.

4. Use hashtags that you can categorize to specific platforms

Based on the various social media marketing agency you use, keep in mind to tailor the hashtags you choose to each. Different hashtags work in different ways for different types of platforms.

According to Hootsuite, hashtags used on video and photo-sharing platforms like Instagram tend to be more focused on the captions of their content.

However, hashtags on platforms like Twitter tend to be more focused on the topic of discussion. It’s essential to be open-minded and realize that no hashtag works as well on one platform as on other.

5. Be careful not to go overboard or use too many hashtags

Another thing to bear in mind is never to use too many hashtags. Utilizing a lot of hashtags in your posts could be too excessive. A general rule you need to consider is not to use a more significant number of hashtags per word.

The use of hashtags may make the message less clear and appear a bit desperate. You may get some new followers now and then and then; however, maxing out on hashtags could draw spammers or accounts that are just interested in a “follow to follow.”