High electricity consuming appliances

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In this world of automation and technological advancements, most of our houses are full of high electricity consuming appliances. They make our everyday tasks much simpler and reduce time and physical labor. However, they do demand a good amount of electricity for their operations.

The consumption of electrical energy depends upon the type of home appliances. These appliances come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which regulates energy consumption too. Here are some notable factors that you must consider to minimize electricity usage.

We came up with a list of high electricity-consuming appliances with a brief operational idea for better understanding.

Air Conditioner

It is one of the common home appliances we use for controlling the temperature of our room. We primarily use it in the summer to cool things off. A modern Air conditioner balances the temperature based on climatic conditions. It can be used anytime; however, it consumes a good amount of electricity if used continuously for hours.


It helps you in controlling the level of temperature of your water with a sensation of warmth. The size of the geyser varies with the capacity of the water tank. Apart from bathing, it can be used for showering or washing clothes. Most of us prefer using geysers daily. A water heater or geyser consumes a lot of energy as it warms the water and stores it within the tank for use. You can avoid high electricity consumption by installing a solar water heater that runs fully on solar power.

Immersion Heater

An immersion heater is also used for heating water for household activities. However, the device comes with tankless heating functionalities. It reduces the consumption of electricity when compared with Geysers. You have to heat the water using a bucket or tub. The process is totally manual and not suitable for showering purposes.

Washing Machine

We all use the washing machine at our home for washing our clothes and other household items. The appliance is used several times a week. The process includes both washing and drying clothes. It can cause a rise in electrical bills if not monitored properly.

Room Heater

In winters, we prefer to use room heaters to regulate the internal climatic temperature of our rooms. In research, it was found that cooling a room is much cheaper than heating. A room heater consumes a lot of energy which creates a burden with higher electricity bills.


Refrigerators are the most important home appliance to keep our food and other perishable items fresh and intact. A refrigerator is an appliance that is meant for running all day long. Well, it makes the refrigerator consume a good amount of energy which increases your electricity bills.

Electric Oven

Now it’s time to cook some delicious food. However, the use of electric ovens demands a significant amount of energy. The food preparation process includes high heating of food items with self-cleaning features. An electric oven reduces your meal preparation efforts.

Electric Kettle

It is a small home appliance which we mainly use for warming water. It is best for preparing quick filtered coffee or ready-to-eat noodles or pasta. It is a smart technique for warming the water as it consumes much less energy than an electric oven.

Induction Cooktop

It is true that an electric oven is not suitable for all types of food preparation. So, in that case, we shift towards induction cooktops. The appliance is quite effective in accomplishing a stable cooking experience. The consumption of electricity is optimal, which can be managed with understandable usage.

Steam Iron

Just after washing our clothes in a washing machine is not enough. To have them in the best shape and texture, we must work using a steam iron. In general, we use a steam iron once or twice a week. Moreover, the usage of steam iron depends on your clothes washing intensity. Yes, steam iron does consume electricity, but the operational time is very less.


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Tips to minimize electricity usage in home appliances

Buy appliances with inverter compressor

All cooling appliances, including air-conditioners and refrigerators, come with compressors which play an important role in cooling. Modern cooling appliances come with inverter compressors that consume much less energy than old ones. It includes an automatic programmable thermostat which reduces the electricity bills.

Cut electricity to reduce bills while heating water

Set the temperature of the water heater to 140 Fahrenheit. It reduces electricity consumption by 20%. You can minimize it further by limiting your water usage.

Drying clothes in direct sunlight

Washing clothes using a washing machine is acceptable. But we suggest not to dry using its drying mechanism. Rather you can use direct sunlight for drying your wet clothes. It eliminates fungal infections too.

Reheat multiples dishes at once

Prefer using the microwave to reheat your leftover foods. Moreover, try placing multiple dishes at once to save electricity.


The high electricity consuming appliances is something that we can’t ignore in our daily life. However, we can reduce the electricity bills by implementing smart techniques. It not only reduces your electricity consumption but also increases the lifespan of home appliances.

In this era of technology, we must voluntarily reduce the consumption of electricity. It not only saves your hard-earned money but also keeps our environment fresh and healthy. Try to minimize E wastes and other carbon emissions.

Go Green and enjoy a healthy life ahead!