Holy Water-Proven Ways to Heal Injuries and Heel Pain

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Holy water is ordinary water blessed by someone who has the authority to do so. I am not qualified to sanctify water and call it holy. It requires a formal ritual that must be obeyed. And, for example, in the Catholic Church, it is carried out by a priest, or a higher authority such as a bishop or archbishop. As a healing agent, I freely and openly promote holy water with my family and friends. And over the past few years I have tested its ability to heal and heal pain with amazing results. Do people generally believe that this water has some healing power? Buy Holy Water online? Of course not, but I think it’s mainly due to lack of information and experience about its use.


In a previous article, I mentioned that holy water is traditionally used for blessing rituals. To date, no one has heard or informed that this water can be used to heal injuries and heal pain. But I found it doing exactly that, and I want to say with incredible success. I’m not a kid to make up for this. I am 65 years old and live a very active life physically, professionally and mentally.


Let me clarify that the healing power of holy water that I often speak is certainly endowed by God, not by humans. But it is our innate right to ask God to inspire us to promote blessed water for those who seek constant intense pain relief, or perhaps those who cannot sleep well at night. is. Would you like to let the blessed water do the work? I believe it’s a much safer solution than getting into the habit of taking powerful painkillers and various sleeping pills.


By chance, I came across the “healing power” of holy water. Five years ago, I tried it with a torn ligament in my right hand. The pain was intolerable and an x-ray showed that the thumb was dislocated. The cost of surgery to repair the injury was beyond my financial capacity. So I took the next best option (following my sister’s advice) and soaked my entire hand in holy water once a day for three weeks. My hands healed within a month and my thumb has been fully functional since then. With holy water treatment, I avoided surgical intervention and didn’t bother to buy painkillers prescribed by my doctor.


People asked me if the blessed water could relieve the pain of rheumatism, and I say so, yes! Through my experiments, I conclude that holy water can and does miraculous things to those who apply it. The results with me have always been more than positive. Just the other day, my left shoulder was terribly hurt due to the pain caused by exercise. I rubbed the holy water in the desk bottle on my shoulder. Only minutes after the water touched my skin, the pain magically disappeared. And let me add, I got relief for the rest of the day, and better yet, the pain didn’t return to bother me the next day.


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