How can I stream all NFL games in 2022?


The 2022 NFL season is going to be started very soon. In this season, an 18-week schedule is made to be played which will be started on 8th September. People are very excited about the games. Fans are taking preparation for the games. Many people are interested in live NFL stream but most of them don’t know the proper way of this. In this article, we will provide you with the ultimate guide on how can I stream all NFL games in 2022. If you follow this article, we hope you will get all information that you were searching for and can solve your problem very easily. So, without any delay, let’s delve into the discussion. 

How can I stream all NFL games in 2022?

You can very easily stream all NFL games by using a streaming services provider. In the 2022 NFL season, many streaming service providers are offering NFL games. However, all of the service providers are not so good. All have some advantages and disadvantages. 

As we are experienced in this sector, we have already tried most of the streaming services. That is why we can easily say which one will be better for you. In order to help you, in this article, we have gathered the best five streaming services from which you can get the best streaming services. These NFL game streaming services are given below:

  • YouTube TV:

According to most users, YouTube TV is the best sports streaming service for NFL lovers because this platform offers all the channels that broadcast NFL games NFL Network, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC. That mean, you won’t miss any NFL games if you have a subscription to this streaming service. 

On YouTube TV, you will get unlimited DVR space which means you will not face any storage issues on this platform. Besides, it also allows you to stream on three devices simultaneously. However, here the main limitation is price. You have to pay $65 per month to purchase a subscription to YouTube TV which is very high if we consider other streaming services. 

Besides, the user interface is slightly complex to understand for new users. But genuinely, YouTube TV offers many exciting offers considering all other platforms. Overall, it is the best deal if we keep its price aside. If budget is not an issue for you, it can be definitely chosen by you. 

  • Sling TV:

Budget is sometimes a big problem when you are choosing a streaming platform. Even after having many exciting features, just because of the price, people don’t want to choose that platform. Sling TV solved this budget problem. If someone is looking for a budget-friendly streaming platform, Sling TV can be one of his or her choices. 

This platform is providing some amazing features and facilities at a cheaper price. Here, you will get local games on Fox, Sunday Night Football on NBC, NFL Network games and Monday Night Football on ESPN. Besides, you will also get 50 hours of recording storage. 

However, on this platform, you will not get Out-of-market games, Local games on CBS, and Thursday Night Football games. It has different price plans, such as Sling Orange and Sling Blue both cost $35 per month (each). But if you purchase both of these, combinedly it will cost $50 per month. 

  • DirecTV Stream:

DirecTV was previously known as AT&T TV which is a pretty famous streaming service provider. It includes all your needed channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NFL Network that you may need in streaming all NFL games. In recent times, this platform is providing unlimited DVR storage by which you can also record multiple events at a time. When two or three matches are held at the same time and you don’t want to miss any of those, you can easily record both of these matches with DirecTV. 

In addition, you can also stream to an unlimited number of devices at the same time on your home and three devices outside the home by using this platform which is undoubtedly an amazing feature for streaming services. Besides, it has many affordable price plans which start at $50 to $150 and as a new subscriber, you will $20 off in all packages. So, overall, we can say, it is a good and recommendable deal. 

  • Hulu + Live TV:

Hulu basically offers all the features you need to stream 2022 NFL games. The main strong point of this platform is, that it is a one-stop service that combines Live TV and a video-on-demand (VoD) service. In the base subscription of this platform, you will get access to the ESPN+, Disney+ and other 10+ channels. 

It has the ability to stream to up to two devices. Besides, with upgradation, you will get the no ads feature also. However, this Hulu has limitations in DVR space. Its user interface is not the best but day by day they are updating it and making a user-friendly interface for all types of users. 

  • NFL+:

If you want to stream all NFL games to your smartphone or tablet, we can say, NFL+ is the best option you have. It is the newly launched official streaming service from NFL. It will allow you to get all in-market games, primetime broadcasts and playoff games. To access all games, you must keep the location service of your phone or tablet on. Here, users also get access to shows from NFL films, a large library of documentaries and many other events from the NFL Network. 

NFL Premium subscription cost is around $10 per month and $100 per year. At this little cost, you will get Local games on Fox, NFL Network games, Thursday Night Football games, Local games on CBS, Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN, etc. Here, one limitation is, that you will not get out-of-market games. 


It is now really easy to stream all NFL games because numerous streaming service providers are providing broadcasts of the NFL games. However, in choosing these providers, you have to be very careful. Otherwise, it can be a full waste of money because many streaming services are not good enough. 

For this reason, in this article, we have given the top five best streaming services by which you can stream all NFL games very comfortably with the best experience. You can choose any of these according to your need.