How Do I Get My Chameleon to Drink Water?

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Chameleons are low-maintenance reptiles that provide great company to their owners. You can get yours from reptile stores and keep them at home or in your office. Chameleons are not very active in their natural habitat and don’t drink much water. There are several ways to provide your chameleon with an adequate supply of clean and fresh drinking water.How Do I Get My Chameleon to Drink Water?

Use Automated Watering Systems

Chameleons will get their water from dew drops on leaves and branches in the wild. Their ability to drink while perched upside down is an adaptation that allows them to access this water source easily. When you keep them as pets, chameleons that have no access to natural water sources rely on you for the supply.

The easiest way to do this is to get an automated watering system, which will periodically deliver water to your chameleon’s cage. These devices are available at reptile stores online. They typically include a reservoir of water and an automatic drip system that delivers water over several hours.

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Let Water Drops Drip off Leaves or Branches

You can let drops of water drip off leaves or branches directly onto your chameleon’s mouth as it feeds on insects in its enclosure. Make sure that the droplets are large enough so they don’t run off before reaching your pet’s mouth. Verify that the enclosure has sufficient humidity, so there isn’t too much evaporation from the leaves before the droplets reach your pet’s mouth.

Get Artificial Waterfalls from Reptile Stores

Another way to make sure that your chameleon gets enough water is to buy an artificial waterfall from a pet shop. An artificial waterfall is easy to set up, looks good, and is quite affordable. If your pet does not drink from the bowl or does not like to have mist on their head, you can place artificial waterfalls in the cage. There are many types of artificial waterfalls available at pet shops and online.

Try Drip Systems

If you don’t want to hold a bowl of water for your chameleon to drink, consider installing a drip system in your chameleon’s enclosure. You will need to drill holes into the bottom of the enclosure that leads down into an empty bowl below the cage floor. The holes should be large enough for tubing to fit through them (about 1/2 inch) but small enough so that your chameleon cannot escape through them (about 1/4 inch). You can use any size tubing that fits snugly over your garden hose adapter (the ends should screw together).

Spray Their Enclosure Gently

Spraying your chameleon’s enclosure lightly will help increase humidity levels inside the cage. It is best to spray water gently into their enclosure instead of pouring it directly on them. Some chameleons might find this stressful. Spraying lightly will help maintain an appropriate level without risking your pet’s health.

Get a Humidifier for the Room

Chameleons like to live in warm and humid environments because it mimics their natural habitat. Most households are usually not warm and humid enough. You can fix this by purchasing a heater or humidifier for your room so your chameleon will be comfortable.

Mist Their Enclosure with Water

If you want to get your chameleon to drink water, install a mist fixture in their enclosure. This will help keep the enclosure humid, which is good for your chameleon’s health. When all these tactics fail, have your reptile examined by a vet.

Moisten the Food

Mixing it into the food is another way to get your chameleon to drink water. You can moisten it by soaking the food in water or spraying it with a mister. You could put a few drops of water on an insect before providing it to your chameleon. Soak insects in water before feeding them to your chameleon.

Hand Spraying

If you want to hand spray your pet, use distilled water and make sure that you don’t spray directly into its eyes. Mist their enclosure instead and let them lick up any drops that fall on them.

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Make Sure Your Chameleon Is Comfortable in Their Cage

Chameleons may be difficult to keep in captivity. They require a special diet and are very sensitive to environmental conditions. You must research the proper care of your chameleon before you purchase one. When you learn about chameleons, you’ll realize they only come out of their shells when they feel safe. Make sure your cage is comfortable and moisten its surroundings when needed.

If you’re keeping your chameleon in a terrarium, you must have the proper heating and lighting equipment to keep your pet comfortable. Most pet stores sell special bulbs for chameleons that emit the UVB light they need to synthesize vitamin D3 and calcium. Get some plants and climbing limbs in their enclosure to make them more comfortable. You should supplement their diet with crickets, verify cleanliness and get your pet routine vet care. Make sure they get a few minutes of sunshine every few days.

Get Yours Today

These reptiles can be great additions to your family and are low-maintenance animals. If you’re buying from a breeder, ask about their breeding practices before purchasing an animal from them. Get yours from reputable reptile stores and breeders who keep their animals in healthy conditions.