How Do You Choose The Cricket Pads? Guide For Freshers

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Are you planning to buy a new and premium cricket pad but need help determining which ones are best for you? In this post, we attempt to address these and other queries.

Since the game’s inception, injuries have always been a part of cricket, and batters may be particularly at risk of suffering. We’ve previously heard about Phillip Hughes, who lost his life after a ball from Sean Abbot struck the back of his skull while wearing a cricket helmet. In worst cases, fastballs(140+ kmph) might result in a hairline fracture or crushed bone. Therefore, selecting the proper protective equipment is an essential part of your cricketing career.

One can break the selection process of leg guards mainly into two essential parts: determining the best design for you and selecting the appropriate size.

Quality And Design Elements: 

Although the design of pads varies depending on the manufacturer, you may still notice certain commonalities. In addition, the development of contemporary materials has rendered some methods obsolete. The leg guards must be wrapping around your legs properly to ensure all round protection. The pads should have better knee protection mechanisms to absorb the impact of fast balls. The straps of the pads should also be padded to provide comfort throughout your game. The weight of the pads should also be considered for better field movement. 

The above points should be kept in mind before picking equipment for cricket like a pair of cricket pads so that a player can play his game freely without worrying about the protection.

Selecting The Proper Size:

Selecting the right size is essential because there are many different sizes available for cricket pads. If the size is big, it will make it difficult for you to run. On the other hand, small sized pads can compromise on the protection of your legs.

So proper fitting is essential in choosing your next cricket pads. If the pad rests on your foot and the knee roll covers your knee, it’s perfect for you; if it doesn’t, you must try another size.

The space between your ankle and knee must be measured while purchasing pads through an online store. If a supplier has different pads for small to large sizes, try checking their size guide first.

Understanding The Features Of Contemporary Cricket Pads:

A leg guards’ durability is dependent on the material used in their construction. Earlier, leather pads were used in cricket but weren’t that sturdy and quite expensive. Today’s most popular substitutes for expensive leather leg guards are polyurethane (PU) and PVC. These materials make for lightweight, strong cricket pads that defend against leather balls. Additionally, they are simple to clean.

Regarding the batting leg guards’ interior, cotton and cane are typically used in their construction. The pads usually contain a lot of foam padding, providing additional protection and adequate comfort. Some professional cricket players wear pads with Kevlar or carbon inlays.

However, it is advised to invest your money in a quality cricket leg guard, to ensure that injuries don’t ruin your cricketing career. 

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