How Heavy Storage Racks Increase Warehousing Productivity

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A warehouse is a large building for storing goods. Companies use warehouses to store products before moving them to another location. A Warehouse manager needs to make sure that the warehouse is productive at all times so that it can increase the company’s total revenue. 

Productivity is a measurement in warehousing of how well you manage factors like on-time delivery and warehouse space utilisation. Warehouses use racks so that they can improve space efficiency. Sometimes, warehouse builders use weak racks that collapse, leading to revenue loss and a reduction in productivity. To avoid collapsing racks, warehouse managers should have an understanding of warehouse pallet racking and the safety regulations associated with them.

The solution is to use strong storage racks that can support heavy loads, increasing the warehouse space. These racks have many advantages, but before we look at the benefits, it is essential to know the different heavy storage racks available on the market. 

Cantilever racks 

Construction, lumber, and shipbuilding industries frequently use cantilever racks to store heavy materials such as steel poles and logs. Cantilever racks are ideal for storing heavy materials such as furniture, steel bars, pipes and other items. You need to store such items off the ground to allow easy retrieval. You cannot keep these heavy items in pallets because they don’t fit. Also, pallets are not the best option for items with excess weight. 

Multi-tier racks 

You can create a multi-tier rack by stacking two or more racks. Multi-tier racks are useful in any medium or large-scale warehouse. These racks can store heavy items because they are strong. They are perfect for stock-keeping units for average profit for storage and distribution. A multi-tier racking system increases productivity and storage capacity. 

Slotted angle racks 

The high-grade material used in building these racks makes them robust and long-lasting. In addition, they have the same recyclable material as work benches, equipment, and other strong structures. Slotted angle racks are heavy-duty and are useful in efficiently utilising a warehouse space. You can find this racking system in storage units found in industrial areas. 

Pallet racks 

Due to their affordability and sound design, warehouse pallet racking systems are a highly well-liked and frequently used form of storage racks. They can hold out both small and large items and are also economical. Place heavy storage racks in the middle, between double-entry and single-entry wall racks on the sides.

The forklift or lifting equipment features determine the working aisle size between each rack and the rack height. Therefore, the size of the pallets and the warehouse height are critical. The type of material you use in constructing a heavy storage rack is crucial. This is true because such racks must be strong enough to handle heavy loads and frequent contact.

Strong and long-lasting racks offer a great chance to boost warehouse productivity. However, racks are not the only thing that improves efficiency. The design of the storage facility, the width of the aisles, and product demand all play a significant role.

How strong racks improve productivity 

Reduces accidents 

The safety of employees in a warehouse increases productivity. Strong racks ensure that employees are safe because objects stored in racks will not collapse. Also, strong racks ensure that the products stored on the racks are not damaged. Modern warehouse racks manufacturers design racks that have workplace safety in mind. Some of the features of these racks include 

  • Expansive decks for storing heavy items
  • Powerful beams and cross beams for extra support
  • More weight capacity on shelves
  • Wrap around post protectors to prevent injuries 

Maximises space 

Modern warehouse racking and shelving systems use the least floor space possible while maximising available vertical space. This allows your employees more room to move around the building while using handling tools like forklifts, rolling bins, and pallet jacks, saving them time moving goods and energy. Additionally, extra storage space simplifies organising and categorising goods to speed up the process of keeping things on hand and retrieving them as needed.


Having strong racks mean that you save on space while storing items. This saves you from the extra cost of renting or buying new warehouses. Also, the total cost of strong racking systems, including maintenance, is cheap compared to other racking systems. 

Obtaining heavy storage racks maximises your rack life span by minimising wear and tear. As a result, you don’t need to go for frequent replacements, which saves you money. 

Easily customisable 

Consider putting specially made racks in your facility to hold the goods and items that your staff frequently use if you want to see the productivity in your warehouse increase. For instance, you can design racks with built-in bins and drawers to store smaller items, or they can have deep set decks to hold huge loads of palletised products securely without requiring an employee to force the items into place.

Heavy storage racks have many advantages in warehouses. They improve efficiency and productivity by reducing the chances of accidents and maximising space. If you want affordable and strong storage racks, you should consider purchasing from Godrej.

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