How Ruby on Rails Is A Good Choice For Web Development?

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You will agree that the presence of your business on the internet is essential in this technology-driven world. 

With a rise in the need for web development, multiple programming and developing languages are competing to get under the top rankings in terms of their functionality & speed. 

Have you heard about Ruby On Rails Web Development and how great it is? If you haven’t, keep reading until the end to get your bases covered.

What Is RoR And How Is It Great For Web Development?

Ruby on Rails, frequently referred to as Rails or RoR is a dynamic and object-oriented programming language used for creating web pages.

It is ranked as one of the top considerations for the predominantly backend framework and development of web applications

Why choose RoR for web development?

Now comes the most crucial question – why choose ruby on rails for the development of a website or what makes it popular? 

To get a clear picture, let’s glance at some of the advantages or benefits of RoR over other languages:

  • Fast Application Development:

Speed is considered one of the greatest advantages of RoR which aids in the faster development of applications as compared to other web frameworks. It is one of the fundamental support that allows the construction of a website rapidly. 

RoR takes complete advantage due to its object orientation, lean code base, and modular design. By engrossing in rapid prototyping and iterations for new features that aid in the reduction of bugs introduced, boosting adaptability and flexibility, and making application code easy to use & understand.

  • Access Source Libraries:

Ruby on Rails is an open-source server side-language that offers rich libraries called gems which can be used to support various modules and implement various functionalities like payment integration, and authentication which enables the automation of basic CRUD functions.

The support of such essential features & libraries enables faster web application development 

  • Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture:

In this architecture, a web application has three interconnected layers that work with data-related logic such as updating and transferring data. The programming approach is great as RoR has basic and readable syntax functions. 

MVC has become extremely time efficient for developers in creating and maintaining web applications that allow them to execute multiple tasks with minimal coding and work simultaneously on the app with different pieces of functionalities.

  • Easy Code Modification and Migration:

One of the key advantages of RoR is the ability to modify and migrate code easily. That allows defining changes in database schema making it possible to use a version control system to keep things synchronized. 

Making it great for adapting various opportunities and cost-effective as you don’t have to source code to migrate to another platform.

  • Cost-Effective & Secure:

Web Development using RoR provides great saving opportunities as it can work well with multiple free web servers & databases making it affordable & feasible. 

The framework is easy to use providing transparency and flexibility enabling businesses to reach on top of the game without hassle.

RoR follows a secure development process, providing a high-security system that helps avoid cyber attacks and secures the web application from XSS attacks, Cross-site scripting, and SQL injections.

  • Flexible & Enhances Productivity:

Who doesn’t love simple things? Things that are easy to understand. Similarly, one of the reasons why one should go for Ruby on Rails (RoR) is because of its ability to be understood easily which leads to higher levels of usability for the business.

So if you’re wondering, whether RoR will enhance productivity then, you need not worry. As it involves writing less code making the development process not only easier but also rapid.

  • High Scalability

Every business looks for scalability while selecting among the programming languages for web development. RoR has higher scalability ensuring a smooth user experience and making it popular amongst the various languages available.

A successful web application development needs to be designed with scalability in mind. It should be able to handle an increase in the count of users & load to accommodate growth efficiently. 

Final Words:

Most of the reputed companies like Github, Shopify, Basecamp, Hulu, and Airbnb use Ruby on Rails Development Framework for their projects.

There are multiple web application development frameworks out there in the market with numerous benefits. RoR is easy to learn, read, and uses a domain-specific language of its own. It is a perfect programming language that is capable of getting your business at the forefront.

It’s high time that you leverage the framework to build complex and high-performance applications and scale up your business effectively. If you’re looking for a development partner, make sure to contact a prominent Ruby on Rails development company that offers relevant knowledge, expertise, and skills.

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