How to apply for online English tutoring jobs?

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Teaching is a fruitful occupation, especially when you have total control over how much you can earn. School and college teaching is very different from online tutoring. While college professors take two to three classes in a day, school teachers have to spend seven to eight hours with children. It is a challenging job and some teachers are dissatisfied with the payment. Online tutoring jobs are much more fruitful when it comes to finances. 


When you opt for online tutoring jobs, you reap the following benefits:


  1. Flexibility of time- You can choose the time as to when you want to work. Some tutors do full-time jobs, so they spend an hour or two in the evening teaching young students. 
  2. Set your hourly wage – You can choose the hourly pricing of your class. If you are teaching English, the pricing of each hour can be $5 to $30. Some teachers set a higher price, but it depends on what grade/level you are teaching. Language classes tend to be more expensive as compared to school-level tutoring. 
  3. Plenty of opportunities – There are innumerable opportunities online. You can apply for online English teaching jobs. Foreign students, especially those who live in Spain, Japan, China, Russia, or France, require online language tutors. They need proficient language tutors to teach them the basics. Corporate English is very much in demand, so you can apply as a corporate language instructor as well. 
  4. Basic requirements – You just need a computer/laptop, internet connection, and good command over the English language. That’s it! If you have these basic things, you can start your journey as a language teacher. 
  5. Learning about different cultures – When you teach foreign students, you get a taste of their culture. Perhaps they could teach you a thing or two about different cuisines, cultural practices, and language. It is a great learning experience for the tutor as well. 


Overall, there is a lot of scope to earn and learn. 


The question is – How do you apply for online English tutoring jobs? 


We will help you with that as well. Keep reading to find out how you could land an online tutoring job. 


Join an Online Tutoring Platform


There are various online tutoring platforms which you can join and make a living out of it. Websites like Evopry allow college students, graduates, homemakers, postgraduate degree holders, and PhD degree holders to start their teaching journey. 


You can join without a college degree or any experience. However, you would need to prove your English language skills to the prospective student. A demo class is required as it allows the student to judge the teaching skills of the tutor. 


You must prepare for the demo class and also work on creating a compelling tutor profile. It is essential to list your qualifications, skills, and abilities. Make sure you add a professional-looking photograph to support your candidature. 


Once you create a profile, set an hourly price, and fill all the details, students will be able to view your profile. It’s THAT easy! 


Look for Opportunities on Job Seeking Sites 


Besides online tutoring platforms, there are job seeking sites as well. It can be a tiring process, but you can try your luck. 


Once again, you have to create a profile, upload your curriculum vitae, and set a picture. However, you would need to apply to different job listings instead of waiting to be discovered by a student. 


These job seeking sites are not only meant for tutoring job opportunities. You will find full-time opportunities as well. 


Summing up 


As per our experience, joining a tutoring platform is much more beneficial. It will speed up the process of joining the online tutoring world. 


We hope you find the right opportunity! 


Brush up your language skills and start applying today. 

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