The complete guide: How to be your best self

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As a child, we are blissfully unaware of limits. Every new occurrence is an opportunity to experience something exciting and anything can be possible. Unfortunately, this fearless and confident approach to life is quickly shattered as adulthood hits. It is further dampened by the expectations and constraints of society. An insistence to fit in yet stand out. Aim for the same destination that millions of others are also reaching for and yet win consistently.

The race to fulfill these unrealistic hopes and traps laid by the status quo makes us lose sight of our dreams. We are split into two versions of ourselves inside. One is the person who is leading our life right now. The other, buried deep somewhere is the self we aspired to be once. But who is to say that pursuing and being your best self is unsuited for the norm? Exploring how far you have come and truly expressing emotions declutters your mind enough to function to its full potential. When you are at peace with who you are, your focus automatically sharpens upon what you need to achieve.

To help you in this journey of self-discovery, our team at cv services UK has compiled several useful tips. Read ahead to find out exactly how you can bring some amazing changes in your life.

1.      Think big

Although the process of discovering your best self is not step-by-step, thinking bigger should certainly come first. We get stuck because due to the attitudes of other we begin to believe certain things regarding ourselves. Make decisions on these factors, judging what we are capable of and what is beyond our reach.  We surmise the rewards we deserve, which goals are achievable, and what kind of lifestyle will be most acceptable.

Having these pre-formed notions of what life should be, instead of digging for new possibilities leads ultimately to dissatisfaction. Think bigger to provide yourself a never before perceived pattern, challenging those self-imposed limitations. A simple way to do that is applying the 10x rule. Think about anything in your life from finances to health, happiness, or relationships. Then imagine how they would be in their 10x form. It is unbelievable to what extent just considering possibilities can help you uncover new opportunities.

2.      Have a vision

Imagine the kind of life you would feel proud and fulfilled to have led when it is finally time to leave this planet. What would you like to achieve during your allotted time span? What kind of values, memories, and successes would you like to look back upon?

Creating this grand future vision can give you the context to plan your day-to-day life. It will serve as an unwavering compass navigating you towards the right choices and worthy goals. When everything aligns within your soul, it is easier to find your best self.

3.      Setting goals

It is impossible to become your best self without having specific goals in sight. They give your life a purpose and direction. A life without goals is synonymous to being on a rudderless boat which only sets you further adrift.

In all the areas of your life, have milestones that you intend to achieve. Start by setting yourself a 13-week deadline for reaching an objective. This period is long enough to achieve something of significance while keeping you focused. A longer deadline allows room for procrastination as urgent action is rendered necessary.

4.      Gratitude takes you a long way

Life is not going to be a bower of flowers and it is vital to realize that early on. Successes go hand in hand with failures and vice versa. If you want to have a fulfilling life, nurturing a positive mindset is key. You need to believe that you will be able to fly your flag on that mountain top one day. You are worthy of it and any obstacles are just a test of your conviction and commitment.

Punctuate every day with a gratitude practice. Make it a habit to solely think about and appreciate the positive things in your life. Start your day by listing three things that you have experienced or grateful to have in your life. And end the day by counting the blessings you came across throughout it, big or small. It will only take a few minutes of your daily routine but the peace it brings will not notable. You will feel extremely positive about who you are and your position in the grand scheme of life.

5.      Reflect upon your progress

Here is an inspiring quote from Steve Jobs:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

These words are a wonderful reminder of how you cannot be sure of the real purpose of your experiences. It can only be understood once you look back on them with hindsight. That is precisely what gives you the courage and wisdom to move on.

In other words, reflect upon what you have done frequently. It is one of the best guides as it enables you to understand the lessons learnt. In turn, consolidating your future steps and goals. Make reflecting a regular part of your routine. Look back on how you spent your day, week, month, and year. It helps build self-awareness and sets the foundation for your following steps.

6.      Learn thriving in discomfort

Leading life as your best will be far from easy. There will be hurdles if you want to achieve or build new things. You might need to do things you have never done before. Thus, put yourself out there and be the best you can be. Test yourself by leaving your comfort zone behind and not merely survive but thrive out there.

If you refuse to push those boundaries, it will be difficult to move any further. Your true potential will never be discovered. Pressure is a truly incredible resource for motivating yourself. We can always do more than we originally imagine ourselves to be capable of. Let that fear nudge you forward and use it as a tool to seek out situations and experiences.

We are certain that this self-help guide will help you discover a brand-new way of life. Looking for a career boost? Then immediately contact us. We take pride in our expertise in every field from marketing to nursing CV writing service. Just send in your complete details and we will customize your CV accordingly. Any queries are met by our extremely supportive customer representatives.


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As a child, we are blissfully unaware of limits. Every new occurrence is an opportunity to experience something exciting and anything can be possible. Unfortunately, this fearless and confident approach to life is quickly shattered as adulthood hits. It is further dampened by the expectations and constraints of society. An insistence to fit in yet...The complete guide: How to be your best self