How To Choose Good Smartphone For Permanent Use?

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A good smartphone, in the view of different people, should have different qualities: it is important for someone that the device loads quickly and responds to any requests, for someone a good camera and performance are a priority (for example, for heavy games), and someone in principle does not needs all the newfangled features and just wants to show off a new thing. One way or another, you need to select a smartphone according to its parameters and technical characteristics, and not according to advertising brochures or beautiful design. Phone selection should be done as follows.

Deciding on the operating system: Which operating system is better?

The ease of use of the device, the variety of programs and applications directly depend on this parameter. Which operating system is better for a smartphone, in fact, the user decides. This is a purely individual matter: as a rule, having decided on the “favorite” only once, users no longer switch to other operating systems, although such cases also happen. The most common devices that are running:

Android. At the moment, this operating system can be called the most common, as it is the “stuffing” for most modern smart phones (in particular, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Meizu, Xiaomi, honor x8 etc.). The user-friendly interface and millions of various applications have made it simply universal.

iOS. This “OS” is provided in all devices manufactured by Apple. It’s slightly ahead of Android when it comes to games and apps, and is also, according to many people, the most intuitive platform. However, one cannot fail to say that the average user uses only 10-15% of the proposed IOS functions, no more.

Windows phone. It occurs much less frequently and, objectively speaking, is in many ways inferior to the OS voiced above. Its main “highlight” is a dynamic interface with “live tiles” that display all the updates and news. However, if you love games and all sorts of applications, then be prepared for the fact that the choice offered by Windows is very poor.

The above describes only the most common operating systems for smartphones that everyone is familiar with and most smartphones run on one of these three operating systems. But also, it should be mentioned that there are much more operating systems for smartphones.


  • BlackBerry OS
  • Sailfish OS
  • Tizen
  • Remix OS
  • Symbian OS
  • webOS
  • flyme OS
  • LiMo
  • fire OS
  • Palm OS
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • Maemo
  • Firefox OS
  • CyanogenMod
  • MeeGo
  • bada OS

The target audience of buyers of such smartphones is much narrower than that of the owners of Android gadgets, because various applications, games, modifications, etc. are released on Android every day, and for OS such as Symbian or BlackBerry, the last updates were five years ago, and some for over 10 years. Of course, in such smartphones, there is no talk of supporting the latest applications, especially since the choice for them is extremely small. Some of the operating systems are simply no longer supported.

Is the brand important: which company is better to buy a phone?

The most advanced models are usually offered by Samsung and Apple, but you need to understand that their prices are appropriate. Previously, it was always believed that “apple” phones are a luxury that not everyone can afford, and Samsungs are functional gadgets for everyone. Judging by the flagships, this is a real delusion, because the new products of both brands are incredibly expensive even a few months after their release.

Which smartphone is the best in size?

The choice of a smartphone will directly depend on the purpose of its use. It is conditionally possible to divide all models into three categories:

Compact devices up to 4.5 inches. They fit in your pocket, fit well in your hand and are comfortable for making calls, but if you want to play, watch a movie or surf the Internet, it will be a little difficult (especially for those with large fingers).

Station wagons (4.5-5.3 inches). At the moment, this is the best option to use all the standard functions of a modern device – to sit in social networks, play games, read books, talk on the phone and so on.

Phablets or so-called “shovel phones” (over 5.5 inches). They are designed to be used with two hands. They are not very convenient to use as a means of communication, but they are just perfect for watching videos, photos and games. This is a good option for those cases when money is not enough to buy a tablet.