How to Choose the Best ZoomInfo Alternative

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ZoomInfo is said to be one of the most comprehensive B2B contact databases and a highly popular sales intelligence platform. Yet, customers have expressed their disappointment over ZoomInfo based on some reasonable factors like pricing, data quality, etc. A big brand name and large data quantity (with low data quality) don’t necessarily qualify a B2B data provider to become the best in the industry.

A B2B sales intelligence or data provider needs to hit the mark in all aspects, including customer support, contract flexibility, ratings, and features. If you’re an existing ZoomInfo customer or a new B2B data buyer finding the best ZoomInfo alternative, here’s what you need to consider:

1. Data Quality

ZoomInfo has a database that includes data from different providers it acquired. This could lead to redundancies and gaps in its data. Moreover, some datasets could remain siloed after acquisition for a certain period of time.

Furthermore, most of ZoomInfo’s data being machine-processed and the lack of data reverification could take a toll on ZoomInfo’s data quality. Some sources also say ZoomInfo doesn’t update its data as frequently as expected and there could be outdated information found in its database.

The best ZoomInfo alternative would overcome all of these shortcomings and offer you topnotch data quality. SalesIntel is widely known as a top ZoomInfo alternative mainly because of its human-verified data and 90-day data reverification.

SalesIntel also provides access to its entire database and doesn’t charge extra for certain parts of their database. Another point to note is that it has the highest number of human-verified mobile numbers in the industry and uses its own proprietary data feed.

2. On-demand Research

Research-on-demand (ROD) is a must-have feature. What if you don’t find the information you need in your B2B data partner’s database? What if you urgently need more insights and data for a particular contact or company?

With ZoomInfo, you don’t get ROD service. When looking for a ZoomInfo alternative, see to it that it provides on-demand research with a quick turnaround time and has certified in-house ROD specialists.

3. Pricing

Additional charges for specific datasets, lower number of credits allotted to users, and other factors may increase the overall ZoomInfo subscription cost. Furthermore, the need to buy or look for additional data elsewhere with no ROD service available may cause ZoomInfo customers to incur more cost.

If you’re looking for a ZoomInfo alternative, make sure it has an all-inclusive license fee, offers access to more data and better quality, and provides the kind of features you need.

4. Contract Transparency

ZoomInfo customers have complained about non-transparent contracts and certain contract obligations like auto-renewal. Your best ZoomInfo alternative should offer flexible plans and transparent contracts with no hidden terms and conditions. It should also make it easy for customers to cancel their subscription whenever they want to.

5. Customer Support

Last but not the least, customer support is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a ZoomInfo alternative. G2 reviews reveal complaints about ZoomInfo where users have said its customer service is slow and that its customer success team is unresponsive.

If you’re looking for a ZoomInfo alternative, ensure that it is customer-centric and provides better customer support. Before switching to another B2B data provider, check their G2, Capterra, or Gartner reviews not only covering customer service, but also other aspects.

You obviously want to partner with a B2B data company that offers concierge-style, responsive, and empathetic customer service. Find out if the customer support team is willing to go the extra mile, is helpful, and provides personalized attention.

Hope this guide directs you to the right ZoomInfo alternative.