How To Choose The Right Heated Towel Rail

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The bathroom should be comfortable and warm, this is not even disputed. A good microclimate in the room is also created by such a detail as a heated towel rail. A bathroom coil is equipment that combines the functions of a radiator and a dryer. The device must maintain a comfortable microclimate in the room, dry things and harmoniously fit into the interior. Let’s try to figure out how to choose the right heated towel rail for the bathroom.

Why do you need a heated towel rail

A heated towel rail is a device that is designed not only for drying towels, but also for heating the bathroom.

If someone else doubts whether it is needed at all in the bathroom, then pay attention to its functionality:

  • Heats the bathroom, as already mentioned.
  • Reducing the humidity in the bathroom – prevention of mold and mildew.
  • You can dry not only towels, but also things.
  • In a number of cases, the heated towel rail sets the style of the bathroom, is the highlight of the interior.

Types of heated towel rails by type of heating

Coils are distinguished by the type of energy used. Water equipment is common. As a coolant in the models, hot liquid from the water supply or heating system is used. The structures are absolutely safe, so they can be installed in wet rooms.

  • Water heated towel rails, like batteries, can leak and depend on the presence of a coolant. In the summer, when the radiators are not working and during preventive shutdowns, the equipment will be cold. Models do not have adjustable water temperature. The location in the bathroom is predetermined in the housing project.
  • Electric towel warmers depend only on the presence of current. The coil can be installed in any of the rooms and used as needed. The equipment supports manual temperature setting. By type of coolant are: cable, heating elements.

Like any electrical appliance, heated towel rails consume a lot of energy. The larger the unit, the more current it eats. During installation, it is important to follow the rules for connecting the device to the system, to ensure insulation and grounding.

  • Combined– They operate on both electricity and water. In electric mode, taps at the inlet and outlet block the equipment from the ingress of cold liquid. Of the shortcomings, only overall dimensions and high cost are distinguished.

Types of heated towel rails by materials

Bathroom towel rails are made from metal alloys.

  • Models made of stainless steel withstand high pressure, relevant for multi-story buildings with central heating. The durability of the coil depends on the wall thickness, so 3 mm is considered optimal.
  • Heated towel rails made of “black” steel are capricious about the quality of the coolant.
  • Models that do not have an anti-corrosion coating on the inside can only be used in cottages with an autonomous heating system.
  • Copper hardware heats up quickly and is easy to assemble. If you choose a water heated towel rail, then the surface must be galvanized from the inside.
  • Less capricious and more practical are brass models that have received positive characteristics from copper.

Design options for heated towel rails

Towel dryers for the bathroom are distinguished by the place of installation.

  • Wall installation models are considered popular, which can be placed above the bath bowl, on the partition or next to the mirror.
  • Floor structures take up a lot of space, so they are used in large rooms for zoning space.
  • Water heated towel rails are distinguished by the way they are connected to the coolant. Versatile and practical are models with side mounting.
  • Top, bottom, and corner mount designs support only one mounting option.
  • The choice of the shape of the heated towel rail depends on the size of the bathroom. In the overall bathroom there is enough space not only for the “ladder”, but also for furniture . In a small room, it is better to install compact models in the form of the letters U or M. In a standard room, you can hang a “snake”.
  • The microclimate of the bathroom depends on the right heated towel rail. The user must be guided by the type of coolant and the material of the model. The design of the equipment affects ergonomics, so it must be combined with the size of the bathroom.