How to choose the right horse stud for your mare

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Foal breeding is one of the most exciting times in a horse owner’s life. You have an ideal breed mare, you are looking at some breeding horses that complement her, and you are to accommodate the first wobbling expedition of a proud mother and her youth. We have all the facilities installed in the house. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are not the only things to consider when planning a mare pregnancy. The horse studs, which are the yards where the stallion resides, also need to be of sufficient quality. This is very important whether your mare stays there during pregnancy or just visits TrackTech Head Studs for hours or days.


Never accept the next best thing when it comes to harness studs on which you leave a mare. If possible, visit each stud and stallion directly. This not only gives you a more accurate picture of your stud’s level of service and expertise, but also gives you a physical view of the stallion. Seen up close, he may not be everything you imagined from a glossy magazine photo. Always trust the first impression of the place, as their instincts are often very accurate. The time to ask questions, give opinions, and determine the best horse studs for you and your breedmare is usually relatively short, so make the most of your time visiting each horse’s studs. please.


Before looking at the harness studs, make sure you know exactly how much you will pay, as there are places where many novice breeders will be caught. Stallion fees apply only to mares serving mares. Ask the horse studs to tell you exactly what else they will cost, preferably on paper. How much is the livery charge? Is there a charge for the groom? Do they offer foal-free fees or foal-free return options?


If you don’t see any evidence of the following when you arrive at Stud, it may be worth looking elsewhere. All fine horse studs should be able to offer:


Knowledgeable and helpful staff, quality grazing, well-maintained meadows. Safe fences (preferably stanchions and rails-make sure the wood is in acceptable condition, but make sure there are no debris, nail sticks, warpage, or spots of weak appearance). See stallions and other horses on the premises. Are they in good weight and overall condition? Do they look happy and vigilant? Or are they lethargic on a dull coat? Horse studs require a specific location for inspecting mares. A safe place that veterinarians can use to perform pregnancy tests and more. You need to be able to provide evidence of an experienced visiting expert stud veterinarian. Good stud hygiene and cleanliness are clear. Last but not least, they need to provide polite, kind and consistent customer service. The most well-known and well-established horse studs are equipped with excellent equipment available and act in a reliable and professional manner. This level of service is what they have built a reputation for. As a result, they understand the importance of keeping the tools up-to-date and having experienced staff at hand. These horse studs usually require slightly higher coloring and stud fees due to the amount of money invested in the facility. Savings may take some time, but knowing that mare care will work can mean greater relief in the long run.

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