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How To Create A Digital Menu For Your Restaurant

How To Create A Digital Menu For Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you know how important it is to make a good first impression. Having an inviting atmosphere and great food are essential, but you also need an attractive way to present your menus. Electronic digital menu boards provide an innovative way to showcase your menu items as well as highlighting special offers.

This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to create an eye-catching digital menu. It will look at the benefits of having a digital menu, how to create one, and how to maximise its potential.

Digital Menus: An Overview

A digital menu is a modern solution to traditional printed menus that is displayed on a screen. It offers a range of features that are easier to update than their paper counterparts, making it a popular choice among restaurant owners. Digital menus are a useful tool to showcase food, offers, and branding, ultimately leading to the building of customer loyalty.

Customers can easily navigate a digital menu, quickly browsing the selection of food items, prices, and special offers, accompanied by images that help them make informed decisions. The benefits of using digital menus are significant, including improved customer experience, increased ordering accuracy, and time and money savings for restaurant owners.

Creating a Digital Menu: The Process

Designing and implementing a digital menu is a simple three-step process:

  1. Design a visually attractive menu that is easy to read and understand, including all the relevant information such as ingredients and prices.
  2. Then there are different types of menus to choose from, including static and dynamic digital menus, each with its own benefits and limitations.
  3. Once the format is selected, the menu creation process can begin, which includes adding images, ingredients, and prices for each item.

Maximising the Potential of Digital Menus

A digital menu is just the beginning; maximising its potential requires careful consideration.

A few ways to improve its effectiveness are:

  • Ensuring the menu is easy to navigate;
  • Showcasing special items;
  • Promoting discounts;
  • Offering online ordering.

These features encourage customers to explore the menu, ultimately increasing sales.

Testing and Maintenance

After the digital menu is set up, it is essential to test and maintain it. Menu testing ensures the screen is working correctly, while monitoring its performance guarantees the menu board is running smoothly. Updating the menu regularly is also critical, ensuring the latest information is available, including adding new items, updating prices, and removing outdated information.


Digital menus are a useful tool for restaurant owners that provide numerous benefits, including improved customer experience, increased ordering accuracy, and time and money savings. Creating a digital menu is a simple process that includes designing the menu layout and structure, selecting the menu format, and adding information such as ingredients, prices, and images for each item. 

Maximising the potential of digital menus involves ensuring the menu is easy to navigate, showcasing special items, promoting discounts, and offering online ordering. Regular testing and maintenance are critical for ensuring a smooth running system.


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