How to Create a PC Gaming Station for Your Teen

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Has your teen been asking for a PC gaming station in the house? Do you currently share one main computer for the whole family and find it’s just not cutting it? Nowadays technology is something teens, tweens and even younger kids are embracing which means households need more gadgets than ever before. If you’re ready to create a PC gaming station for your teen, then we’ve got a list of must-have tech that you’ll need to pick up.

Start with a Gaming Desktop or Laptop

The key feature in any PC home gaming station is a desktop or laptop, but not just any model – you want one that is specifically built with gaming in mind. To run the gaming software smoothly the computer needs a lot of power and speed, which is what gaming computers specialize in. 

If you’re having a hard time deciding between a desktop and laptop, stop and ask where they will be doing their gaming, how much space you have available, if they want to be on the go with their computer, and how big of a screen do they want.

Don’t forget to also factor in the kids’ computer furniture which includes a chair and desk. The desk needs to be large enough to handle the computer, and the chair should be size appropriate for your teen.

Today’s Games Feature In-Game Chat and Video Options

Thanks to ever-advancing technology, PC games have come a long way. Today they are more immersive than ever before and this is largely thanks to the in-game chat and video options that now exist. Depending on the games your teen will be playing, there may be a chat feature. Be sure the computer has a built-in microphone and webcam, or look into purchasing external ones. Keep in mind that external mics and webcams tend to offer much better quality and features, so you may want them as an upgrade. 

Ensure Your Teen Has Some Privacy with a Headset

Along the same lines, another must-have tech gadget for PC gamers is a wireless headset. Ideally, you want to look for one with a built-in mic so the sound quality will be better. The headset will give your teen privacy when they are chatting with other players, or just listening to the sounds and music in the game. A good quality headset is adjustable, has a comfortable headband and ear pads and can cancel out the noise in the room.

A Dedicated Gaming Controller

PC games allow you to use the controls on the keyboard, but this can be cumbersome and not as responsive as you’d hope. Purchasing an external game controller can provide gamers with more features and functionality, making them well worth it.

By using these tips you’ll be able to pick up the must-have gaming tech gadgets and create the perfect gaming station for your teen. That means you can’t expect to see much of them, as they will be glued to their desktop.