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How to Design a T-Shirt? | The Ultimate T Shirt Printing Guide

How to Design a T-Shirt? | The Ultimate T Shirt Printing Guide

Have you been continually barking up the wrong tree for a perfect guide to designing your t-shirt? And also to get it printed? Well, this time you have landed at the right spot. There could be multiple reasons why you want to do this. Maybe you visit places with bells on that serve for curating outstanding shirt sketches and plans. Or maybe you wanna kick start your own mini business. Or whatever, in any case, these are the most fundamental steps every enthusiast has to go through.

Even if you just felt the urge to imprint your favorite top with your crafted digital symbols, then you can follow these guidelines as well. This post features all the pertinent things you need not slip from your mind. That is, from identifying the purpose to finding a top-notch printer. Now without making you go off the deep end, let us just spill the beans into revealing these. Thus, get rolling.

The Seven Super Easy Steps for Designing Your Shirts

Step # 01: The Purpose of Requiring a Shirt

It’s the time that you jog down your memory lane before straightway jumping to the most interesting part. That requires you to be artful which is, designing. First, dig deeper and find out the actual requirement. Otherwise, the mistakes can be costly as you can end up regretting, “Oh no! This quote goes well with my strategy. Why didn’t I get to see it before?” Let’s excavate the reasons behind this.

  • Personal Use

You must have gone the whole nine yards in searching for an affordable custom printing company in Dubai. Yet could not be able to find any satisfactory results. And have made up your mind to make one for yourself or maybe translate the process sometime later into starting one’s own business. Well, the idea deserves applause. However, you must take care that following a theme is necessary as it keeps you on track by categorizing your shirts.

In this way, you can also find your niche. You can then better enhance and refine your inclination. For instance, initially, you curated three shirts symbolizing tourism while one for sayings. Thereby, the former area attracts you. You can advance your skills by unleashing more ideas and generating sketches.

  • Promotional Presents

A cost-effective way to drive your customers toward your brand and make them remember it is such a gift. Though advertisements and other marketing tactics are beneficial yet when the customer finds something free with good quality. Then he gets persuaded to develop a good opinion about the company. Thus, a good shirt is all you need here. Try to make it in a way that reflects your company yet builds an emotional connection with your consumers.

  • An Event Memento

This is simply a souvenir that makes one remember an event. You must tailor the shirt in a way that suits your needs perfectly. It will make the people recollect the grand function they attended and even purchase the products.

  • Merchandise

Branding merchandise can also serve your idea very well. A little logo with a striking yet impactful drawing can grab the attention as well.

  • In-house Usage

This is the reason that you wanna build a good relationship with your employees. Also, to provide them with the satisfaction and confidence that all are united and work under the same umbrella. It gives them the feeling that they ‘belong.’ Hence, these shirts can be used for appreciation, uniforms et cetera.

Step # 02: Quantifying and Budgeting

Whether you are opting for a t-shirt printing business, designing, or even both, the stumbling block that comes in the way to your success is the limited budget. You haven’t got mountains of gold and even if you do you won’t waste them like this. Anyway, rushing to the point. The thing is colors are costly therefore limiting yourself to this can be a smart choice. You can easily tighten your belt by sticking with black and white. Elegant and inexpensive.

The obstacle continues as cost also shoots up with the number of shirts you want. The bulk quantities usually help down cutting costs but what if there’s no need for so many? Next comes the expenditure on the type of printing. As a thumb rule, the highly attractive and impeccable printing scoops out plenty of money from your pockets. Hence, take wise decisions and be sure about your needs before you start chopping away your money.

Step # 03: Get Printing Knowledge

The printing decisions are the ones that mostly rub the wrong way. Each type of printing has its advantages and disadvantages and you have your preferences and set budgets. You need to consider all metrics before narrowing down to whichever you wanna settle for. These metrics include appearance, production time, materials, cost et cetera. A few of the printing methods are listed down below:

  • DTG (Direct to Garment)

It does exactly what it sounds like. The printer ink forms the design by soaking into the garment that’s why it appears soft to the touch. One can quickly run off one design after the other without any baffling procedures.

  • Indirect Screen Printing

Here the method is slightly different as the artist first applies the ink on the plastisol. After that, the sheet’s design is transferred onto the shirt using the heat pressing procedure. The produced picture is of high quality and durability is also high.

  • Airbrushing

It is popular for small-scale businesses. This technique demolishes barriers for complex designs yet it requires so much time. It can even take hours to curate one shirt. Thus, if you are looking for same-day t-shirt printing in this category. Then probably you are not gonna find one.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl printing produces high-quality designs with increased durability. Another benefit is that the complexity involved is also very low. But the design options are limited.

Step # 04:  It’s Time to Design

One of the most awaited parts is here. It’s about the actual design and how your shirt’s gonna look like. It’s time that you set your brain into real activity mode and come up with the most brilliant ideas. You are probably aware that whatever you gonna sketch out on your shirt will have a message, either silent or direct. It can be taken negatively as well. Therefore, you must take care not to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

It is great that you must keep yourself glued to your goals and intended audience. This will aid you in keeping them in your mind while creating your drawings. The colors, style, imagery, shirt-type-all contributes to the design. Therefore, it’s time that you bring out the best of yourself and show your mastery. Remember, when you explored the websites searching for t shirt printing Abu Dhabi? Every shirt has its unique message and patterns. They had been designed to best suit the kind of shirt they were imprinted upon. Pay heed and you will surely extract the admirable ones!

Step # 05: No Designing Skills? Hire a designer

There are tons of designers out there with amazing expertise. You just need to contact them after zapping through their portfolios and confer them the responsibility. There are many benefits. First of all, you will be free from any kind of software usage hassles. Secondly, it will be totally up to the designer as he will be professional. And he will know better which designs fit well and go according to your aim. Thirdly, you can relate them to your ideas, hues and whatever your requirements. Fourthly, they can make substantial additions that can prove beneficial for your marketing, branding, and so on.

Step # 06: Make Sure Your Designs Are Fine

Hark back to the times when you hired a custom patch maker and he gave you files before final submissions so that you provide feedback or amendments. In the same way, you need to carry out the process with the designer. Even if you are making it on your own, evaluation is very important before printing. Because this will save you money, time, and confidence. Draft a reasonable questionnaire regarding your designs and tick the checklist accordingly. For instance, mark a check if your design tightly fits the goal you wanna achieve.

Step # 07: Get Done With Printing and Cherish the Results

Once you have convinced yourself which printer is the best according to your requirements? You are all set for it. You must go for a reliable company that offers you the service. However, you must be knowledgeable enough to be aware of hidden charges like screens, films et cetera. Therefore, make sure that you decide upon the total expense to avoid any inconveniences.


T-shirts are the comfiest, cheapest, coziest, and most casual clothing one can own. Almost everyone prefers them. They are an excellent choice for branding as they come in use every so often. Thereby, imprinting these with various appealing and distinctive pictures, symbols and whatnot can have plenty of benefits. The design can get popular and can receive appreciation and admiration. Moreover, it can get an association with the company which can boost its sales. Thereby, it’s your call, that for whichever reason you are using they can make a solid style statement as well.

Taking the above steps will save you from running your train of thoughts on how to do this and how to do that. Therefore, put on your thinking cap and come up with the most attention-grabbing patterns or artistry. Signing off with the saying, “Every great design begins with an even better story.”

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