How to Generate Authority and Credibility on Google?

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A lot of people are asking this question lately. This is large because metrics such as domain authority, domain ranking, domain credibility, etc. are roaming around in conversations. These metrics were made by companies such as Ahref, Moz, SEMrush, Backlinko, etc. While they do not represent search engines or their representatives, they hold a certain trustworthy position in terms of their expertise in the field.

There’s no argument that Google has never confirmed these metrics as factors for search engine rankings. However, data and analytics provided by these tools have time and again revealed their on-spot assessments to be correct.

So, the question becomes, should you trust these metrics provided by third-party tools? If so, how do you go about increasing your website’s domain authority and credibility in the eyes of Google?

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a metric to measure a website’s authority in the relevant niche or industry as judged by users and other industry competitors. To put it simply, a page can be said to have authority if other people of the same industry refer that page. That is to say that other industry heads believe the content on the said page to be credible and trustworthy.

For example, if you’ve just begun a blog on health and offer people advice on managing their diabetes, firstly, Google will assess your content. It will see if it’s plagiarized or copied from somewhere. In case the content makes sense and proves useful for users, Google will still try to ensure that the content provider is a legitimate authority with expertise on diabetes. This can be seen in the algorithm’s tactics to analyze author bios and run them across the search engine’s massive database and see if the same author has written everything pertaining to medical sciences and diabetes.

This is how any individual would judge a person, a website, a book, or any other source of information to be valid. We often use social media to find out if people are legitimately who they say they are. That’s why search engines use the same principle to identify authority for a certain topic or niche.

It’s still unclear as to whether services like social media marketing in Dubai have an impact on your domain authority. However, if it’s bringing in visitors, you should definitely get it.

Can You Attain Authority Quickly?

There are no shortcuts to ranking your website in 2021. Suffice it to say, black hat tricks are shutting down on a rapid basis as algorithms evolve and cater to various loopholes. That means your only chance of making it to the top of the SERP is to follow Google’s guidelines.

Although this might sound disappointing, if you take a look at the silver lining, you might have a change of perspective. So, what Google wants you to do is to create content that contains E-A-T.

  • E= Expertise
  • A= Authority
  • T= Trustworthiness

These three things are synonymous if you consider any top-ranking content as an example. Not only will the content have a specific area of expertise that validates the information it provides, but it will also be coming from a figure of authority. This will include trustworthy authors that have relevant experience and historic background in the industry, like doctors, real estate agents, fitness experts, etc.

So, now you understand that you need good content. Regardless of the format, it is in, all content will inevitably go through these tests. Although, it’s much better if you go for multiple mediums. Using videos and meme content to appeal to certain audiences can prove beneficial. Moreover, you can also generate trust with your readers by providing infographics. If you have the right interface and design of the website providing content that is useful, informative and engaging, you got yourself a goldmine.

Getting Backlinks

As we discussed above, you need people to endorse your content as genuine for Google to believe it. If you have a unique article that does have a lot of value for users, it’ll promote itself. People are always looking to share valuable data they find on the internet with relevant peers. This not only enlarges your target audience but also promotes your website. The search engine will instantly pay attention to something that is getting a lot of attention.

The number of endorsements might not necessarily be directly proportional to your website’s domain authority. That’s because other factors are at play as well. One of these is the type of backlink that you get. For example, if you have a backlink from a high DA website, it’ll be better than 10 low DA backlinks. Similarly, content value and user engagement are other impactful factors.


In conclusion, you need to make sure that your website has people that consider it legitimate. That’s the only way Google will think about bringing you higher up in the ranks. And the only way to do that is to generate domain authority through useful, unique, and informative content. So, you can either go for digital marketing services in Dubai or get started yourself.

Other than that, keep Google’s guidelines in view and keep generating backlinks. Use any platform you can to reach out to potential readers.