How to get a Switzerland phone number for SMS verification?

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Sometimes, you may need to receive an SMS from Switzerland. Most often, this happens if you want to register on a Swiss website and are asked to enter a phone number to verify your identity. At times, it’s more beneficial for you to indicate that you live in Switzerland. In both cases, a virtual phone number is a must for you.

You can receive messages without buying a SIM card and without being in the country. IP telephony will help you. You can rent an SMS verification number from one of over 90 countries here: After that, you will be able to receive messages on your phone, tablet, or laptop through the SIP application. 

Your first steps to IP telephony 

If you have never encountered IP telephony but need to receive an SMS to a Swiss number, you are probably wondering how to do it. First of all, we recommend not being tempted by “free” services with open numbers. There is a possibility that these numbers will not work and, even worse, these services will not guarantee the confidentiality of the transmitted data.

HotTelecom is a provider that has been operating for 12 years and a confident leader in its market niche. To get a number for SMS verification from them, you need to:

  • Fill out a short registration form on their website.
  • Read the terms of use of the service and tariffs.
  • Top up the account to pay for the rent.
  • Select a virtual number.
  • Go to your personal account and use the service. 

Why do people choose HotTelecom? 

There are dozens of reasons users do not like to use their personal contacts for registration. Sometimes, their goal is anonymity. Often, geo-restrictions or temporary blocks need to be bypassed. Fortunately, with HotTelecom, you can own as many numbers as you need and enjoy all the benefits of IP telephony.