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You will find plenty of unique area rugs online. So, use them in your hallways, lounge settings, or in front of your dressers to highlight their artwork. 

Sometimes we find rare quality and design in home décor elements and buy them instantly. However, you may not realize where to use them. Similarly, there is a wide range of unique rugs online in stores. But you may be wondering about their worth and place. So, this post will help you utilize those rug pieces in the best way you can.


No doubt, these unique beauties can elevate the entire outlook of your home. But unfortunately, you cannot just use them anywhere. This kind of home décor element is tricky to place. That is why you should use them in low traffic or calm areas of your home. So, the tip is to follow the color, design, and size. Then, use them accordingly.


So, according to the uniqueness of your rug pieces, let’s figure out where to place them in your home. Read it carefully:


  1. Use them in your hallways
  2. Bold rugs for dark areas
  3. Place in front of the dresser
  4. Use larger prints in the lounge
  5. Put small area rugs round armchairs
  6. Use as a wall hanger

Your hallways or corridors might look empty with no home décor element. In this case, it is wise to use your favorite rug piece in that area of your home. For instance, you have a graphic area rug but no clue where to use it. Finally, you have a place to flaunt its design. Just place that rug piece in your hallway. Its bold color palette and unique design will go perfectly with an area that has no furnishing.

  • Bold rugs for dark areas:

Well, have you seen the latest trends in bold area rugs? Nowadays, you will come across some samba rugs and four seasons’ floral rugs. These rugs are full of bright colors and designs. In addition, seasonal printed rugs are vibrant and eye-catching pieces. So, the dark areas of your home are the best places to locate them. 

In this way, you can brighten up your space. Also, these bold rugs create diversity in your home interior. It is the best advice to flaunt your taste.

  • Place in front of the dresser:

You often ignore the space in front of your dresser. Well, if you have unique area rugs and you haven’t used them. It’s time to put them in front of your dresser. Also, area rugs with broad features and abstract prints look like luxury in your room. Plus, it will make your ready-time comfy underfoot. The ones with black, silver and brown lines go perfectly with your dresser as well.

  • Use larger prints in the lounge:

Area rugs with bold prints are also unique in their outlook. Usually, they come in big floral, animated, or geometrical designs. In addition, you will find their color palette full of bright colors. So, it is a great idea to use these unique rugs in your lounge setting. Just place them under the coffee table and chairs to have a great tea-time. It will highlight your furniture as well. 

  • Put small area rugs round armchairs:

Many modern interiors have unique armchairs in their living rooms. So, you can create a nice reading nook by putting your small area rug around the chair. It can be a perfect place to relax, read, or watch T.V. It is much better to use round or oval area rugs for that setting. If your armchair is bold and curvy, use a neutral area rug. Else, use a stylish rug piece around a decent armchair. Before you buy a rug, make sure that it’s the right size for your chair. This will ensure that the rug will not become an eye-sore in your room and complete the aesthetic of your armchair area. 

  • Use it as a wall hanger:

Do you have a unique area rug that costs you a handful of money but nowhere to go about it? You might wonder if the money has gone to waste. Well, no. The best way to highlight that area rug is to use it as a wall hanger. We all have bare walls in our hallways and living areas. So, it is much wiser to hang it as artwork. Plus, these rare artworks look great on a white wall.  There are many different types of rug to choose from, so be sure to find one that matches with your couch or chairs.

Some unique area rugs online:

 Now, let’s discuss some of the most unique and eye-catching area rug you may find online. Those rare kinds of rug include:


  • Simba rugs: These rugs follow a jungle theme, where you will find some images of tigers running through the wildlife. Use them in your hallways.
  • 4-season rugs: You will see the hint of four seasons in a square area rug. They are vibrant for your lounge settings.
  • Cleopatra rugs: This unique design has an Egyptian look and feels about it. 
  • Graphical rugs: This type of area rug has broad graphic prints that look great in your room and dressers.
  • An oval infinity rug: This one is a classic choice for your living area. You can place an oval area rug under your coffee setup.
  • Lola rugs: With a round shape and colorful designs, Lola rugs are one of a kind for your center tables.
  • Couple rugs: These are the rare pieces with usually two lovebirds printed in the center of a rectangular area rug. 


There are many unique and ethereal area rugs online. But often, we have no clue where to place them. In that case, use this guide to highlight your favorite rug pieces in your home. Typically, your hallways, dress rooms, lounge setups are the best places to use them. Moreover, you can use your spare white walls to hang them as artwork. Simba rugs, Lola, couple, and Cleopatra rugs are some of the unique pieces. For the latest trends, check out the Rug gallery to update your home décor.