How to Login Into Linksys Router If You Don’t Have Setup CD

Waqar Ahmad 2

Des=> Want to set up a Linksys router? Linksys router setup process is very easy and of course, you can also set up the Linksys router manually. After that Linksys router login will be very easy for you.

How will you set up your Linksys router without a CD?

In case if your computer has no CD drive or you have lost your Setup CD then you can still install your Linksys wi-fi router by just downloading the Linksys connect setup software from the Linksys support website. To download the software and use it, you need to connect your computer first to a network with an active internet connection or a direct connection to the modem.

Alternatively, you can set up your Linksys router manually. So we will see the procedure on how to login into Linksys router if you don’t have a CD setup.

Important note — Not all the Linksys routers are compatible with Linksys connect feature. To know what routers are compatible check out the Linksys routers list.

If you want to download the firmware version or driver for your Linksys router, then go to the and search for the device. For instructions chat with our Linksys technical support agent.

Let’s see those steps

Step 1)- First go to the Linksys support website and enter the model number of your product in the search field and click on that.


Note — If you don’t know the model number or hardware version of your linksys device you can see it there also.


Step 2)- Now click on the download/ firmware button on the website.


Step 3)-  Now select the hardware version of your device.


Step 4)- Now locate the setup software for your PC and click on the download button.


Note: When the end-user license agreements will appear make sure to click on the agree with button.

Step 5 )- Save the setup software and select a particular location on the computer to save the software/ firmware file. It is recommended that you save the file to the computer’s desktop to navigate and find it easily after you downloaded the file.


Step 6 )- Now double click on the Linksys connect (icon) setup file that you have downloaded just in the above step. Click on the Next button.


Step 7 )- Now click on the License terms and conditions button to read the license terms and conditions. Then check the box once done, click on the Next button.


Step 8 )- Now follow instructions 1 and 2 on the setup screen carefully. If your internet connection is through the satellite, fiber optic or T1 that doesn’t have a modem. Connect the existing Ethernet cable to the yellow-colored internet port of the router. Now click on the next.


Note: Linksys connect will then start configuring with your network. Do not close the window(we are setting up your Linksys device name)


Step 9 )- Now the setup process will automatically generate a new unique Router name (SSID) and password for your specific network. You can change this information by editing the automatically generated network SSID and password for your wireless network. Click on the Next button when the process is done.


Step 10 )- The router setup will automatically identify your internet connection type. If the software detects that you are using a DSL connection then a screen will appear to let you enter your user account details in the area of the required field. After doing it click on next.


Note — Your internet service provider (ISP) provides both the account name and the password. If you do not have these, call your ISP and ask for the account name and the password.

Step 11 )- You will then see a confirmation window showing that you are now connected to the internet. Now click on the OK button to continue.

You will be redirected to the Linksys connect window. The window will contain options that allow you to manage and personalize your network settings. However, if you have encountered an error while setting up your Linksys device.