How To Lose Weight On The Treadmill? 

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Undoubtedly, the treadmill is the best machine for performing cardiovascular workouts. Besides being a popular cardio machine, the treadmills are an excellent option for losing weight and achieving your fitness goal. 

The treadmill is a very popular aerobic exercise machine. A treadmill is also a very effective weight-loss tool if you’re aiming to shed some pounds.

You can find this cardio equipment in every gymnasium as well as many people have invested their money in home treadmills for the past few years. 

This versatile cardio machine helps to lose weight more rapidly than jogging or running outside. 

Before starting the workout, you can insert your age and weight into the console and the machine will calculate your heart rate and fat burning zone. Moreover, it suggests your different workout plans as well. 

Workouts on a treadmill have other advantages besides helping you lose weight. For instance:

  • The treadmill can be used all year round.
  • And you can exercise watching TV while you work out.
  • Handrails are available on the treadmill, which are ideal if you are recovering from an injury.
  • With any cardio exercise, it can improve your sleep, boost your mood, and boost your brainpower, helping you reduce your risk for heart disease and other chronic diseases.

While running on the machine, you can increase or decrease its speed and incline. You can find different weight loss workout guides on Shapewhizz that will make your weight loss journey easier and fun. 

This cardio machine enhances the muscles’ strength, builds core and reduces the risks of deadly heart diseases by burning the excess fats of the body. 

Except the workouts that are offered in manual, you can shed kilos of weight easily by doing a number of other exercises that are written in the article below. 

Exercises to lose weight on the treadmill

If you are bored of doing intense workouts daily, you can switch to these 5 easy exercises that help you to lose weight on the treadmill. 


1: High intensity interval training


In high intensity interval training, there are alternate intervals of intense exercise and rest. For instance, warm up the body for a few minutes, start running for 1 minutes, walk for 2 minutes and then take a rest for 5 minutes. 

This exercise is highly effective for burning a number of calories within a short interval and for making the muscles stronger & building core strength. 

While doing high intensity interval training, make sure that you rest twice the time of exercise because when you take rest, the body metabolises fats that aids in losing weight rapidly. 


2: Jogging


If you don’t want to do high intensity interval training on your treadmill, you can jog for a few minutes with alternative resting periods. . 

Jogging for almost 30 minutes everyday can burn 200-500 calories which is a fantastic step towards your fitness goal. 

Moreover, jogging is way better than walking outside because it helps to activate the metabolism and burn the extra fats of the body as well as it reduces the risks of straining and muscle injuries. 


3: 20 minutes interval workout


No doubt, the best workout that anyone can choose for losing weight on a treadmill is a 20 minutes interval workout. Divide the time in 4 intervals and each interval should be four minutes long. 

In the first two intervals, keep the incline flat and start with a slow walk for one minute followed by jogging and running for 1.5 minutes and then take rest. In the second interval, increase the intensity of your workout by increasing the incline a bit. 

Whereas in the third and fourth interval of workout, increase your speed and incline. Keep in mind that the final interval should be the fastest and steepest interval. 

This exercise will burn hundreds of calories in a few minutes and you can achieve your desired fitness within a week. Furthermore, you can increase the time of exercise and resting periods. 

4: Brisk walking


Well, instead of doing a normal walk, you can switch to brisk walking for fast burning of calories. When you walk briskly everyday for almost one hour, you burn about 200 calories. 

Walking briskly can make your muscles more active and strong as well as aids in achieving the fitness goals. Besides, you can make this workout more intense by increasing the speed and incline of the treadmill. 


5: Hills 


To make your weightloss journey more interesting and exciting, you can add hills to your workout routine. Increase the incline of your treadmill and walk briskly or run to burn more calories in a short interval of time. 

Hills workout can make the muscles more active & stronger, enhance the circulations and burn calories as well as extra fats of the body. 

For performing hills, warm up the body, walk briskly and jog by increasing the incline and then rest to cool down the body. Resting periods should be twice the time you exercise. 

Moreover, to make the workout harder, you can increase the speed of running or you can add more minutes to your workout.  

 Other workouts are important

Applied Physiology research suggests that the best way to lose weight isn’t the same routine every time. Rather, you should find the perfect blend of resistance training, interval training, endurance training, and stretching to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Apart from being a versatile cardio machine, treadmill is a fantastic option to consider if you are trying to burn extra calories. 

You can add different types of intense workouts to your routine especially, hills and high intensity interval training which are very helpful in achieving your desired fitness in a short period of time. 


Furthermore, if you are new to exercising on a treadmill you can use a workout manual or you can consult a fitness trainer to choose an easy workout. 

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