How to Manage Your Priorities in College

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College life is no walk in the park! You always seem to have a million things going on.

Not only do you have to study and finish your assignments on time but you also have to work part-time jobs and keep up with your social life.

When there are a lot of things on your plate, it can get difficult to know how to manage your priorities.

Between studies and enjoyment, swaying too much to either side can have negative consequences. College students should strive to maintain a good balance to make the most out of college.

Maintain A Routine

Maintaining a routine can help you immensely as a college student.

When you allot a certain amount of time for different tasks and commit yourself to them, you will manage to get a lot done within a day.

If you have never had a proper routine before, sticking to one will be hard in the beginning. But once you get used to it, you will feel more organized and less frustrated.

Very often, the absence of a solid routine can make college students unproductive and disorganized. 

With everything they have to do including managing their studies, social life and part-time jobs, scheduling and following a schedule is one thing that will help keep them sane.

You will get more sleep because you won’t pile up things at the last minute. It will also help keep your procrastination levels to a minimum. 

Allot More Time For Important Tasks

When you make a schedule, make sure you allot more time for important or difficult tasks. 

These may be subjects you struggle with and naturally need more time to understand and study.

If there is a certain project you need to finish over a course of time, you should set aside a certain amount of time every day so you can finish it on time.

Since you are in college, academics and career-related endeavors should always come first. Make sure you allot enough time for them.

Make Use Of Available Resources

Needing help with college work is quite normal. That’s why you should utilize all the resources you have at your disposal.

Universities and colleges offer several student services designed to help students both academically and mentally.

For example, you can make use of the additional workshops and seminars provided by your college to get a better understanding of your program or a specific discipline.

If you feel overwhelmed mentally, go to the student counseling center, if your college has one. They can help you with various aspects including academics, mental health and finances.

Also, make use of online resources to help you with your college assignments. 

For example, online writing tools can help with essays, projects and college papers. It’s good to go through some college paper samples of such online writing services and assure yourself of the writing quality first.

Eliminate All Distractions

Small everyday distractions like your phone or background noises can hamper your productivity and affect the amount of work you get done.

If you are constantly checking your messages or social media because of a notification every ten minutes, think about how much time you are losing!

Make it a point to keep your phone on silent or place it away when you are working or studying.

Study in a peaceful place where you won’t get distracted by people talking or loud outside noises.

Also, let your friends know not to call you up during your study time.

Give Yourself Breaks

Giving yourself breaks is very important because it fuels you for the next step.

Working continuously without any breaks will lead to burnout and this can affect your mental health in the long term.

Plan out some off days in your schedule. Go out every once in a while with your friends or just by yourself to relax.


If you are just starting college make sure you take things one at a time.

You don’t need to have it all together right away, instead incorporate healthy habits slowly into your routine.

You will see a lot of improvement over time!

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