How to promote your music online?

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Most people are more likely to listen to a musician they already know something about, so you need to increase your online visibility. Here are 17 ways to promote your music online.

When it comes to promoting music online, there are a very large number of different media channels, networks, forums, platforms, applications and communities for musicians that are recommended to be used together to achieve the best result.

There is no answer to this question, first you need to try everything. There are several questions that you must ask yourself in order to understand and decide what you really need:

  • What do you think is your ideal audience?
  •  Where do they spend most of their time online?
  •  Where do you find similar musicians looking to spend time interacting with their listeners?
  •  What content are they most interested in? (videos, photos, articles / blogs, etc.)

Answering these questions will get you off to a good start. When you get to this point, you will want to take a closer look and explore the various platforms and offerings available to you. They can be divided into 4 categories, each with its own unique challenge.


Social media is great, but most of it is rented, not yours. For example, if Twitter suddenly ceases to exist, all of your followers will disappear with it.

For this simple reason, you should start working with media channels that you can call your own. Make sure that this is the basis for your audience to find the most up-to-date information about your project.

1. Website
This item should be at the top of your list (and it’s not about self-praise at all). The official website is a place where your fans will always know where to find you, regardless of any social media.

2. Newsletter
Email is the best way to reach your listeners when needed, as opposed to social networks, which: 1) use an algorithm to determine the content that the user will receive (your news may not even be seen!); 2) require the listener to be directly on the site of the social network at the moment (plus or minus a couple of hours) when you post your post, while e-mail guarantees that your letter will successfully end up in the recipient’s inbox. A regular monthly newsletter will keep your ardent fans up to date with the latest news related to you or your gang.

3. Blog
A blog is a really great way to let your listener take a peek into your world. Diaries about recordings, past or upcoming performances, lyrics, release reviews, even just personal notes about what gives you joy or sadness. For fans who are interested in communicating with you, or looking to learn more about your creative process, a blog is a great place to start.

4. Press-kit in electronic form
Unlike the points above, which are based solely on fan audiences, it will be helpful for you to define your online presence in the adhurs naa songs. The press kit is actually a summary of your project, containing the most recent biography, speaking schedule and contact information. This is an effective way to organize bookings, distribute demos or simply communicate with fellow artists.


So it’s time to grow your fan base and build your community. The following sites are probably already known to you, and they are far from the only ones to achieve this kind of goals.

5. Facebook
Needless to say, it is one of the largest social networks in the world, and it is often taken as the standard of where it is customary to register. However, Facebook’s algorithm determines what content to show to listeners, thereby negatively affecting the effectiveness of this site (the average number of post views on your page is 5-10% of your entire fan base). Sure, you can pay money to post to a wider audience, but keep in mind that you are choosing the platform where you are going to spend the most time.

6. Twitter
Almost as old as Facebook, but still trying to bring something new to the concept of social networking. Twitter is a great way to post setlists, thoughts and rantings on trending topics around the world through hashtags, Q&A sessions with fans, and more.

7. Instagram
Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a great way to add spice to your Facebook or Twitter content with videos and photos by posting them across all three sites at once. Instagram developers also have other apps such as Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse that let you add a personal touch to your everyday photos or videos. Also a good solution is the Stories service, which can be used to post passable content that does not want to clog up the main feed. For example, you can upload videos there from the studio where you are working on a track or routine, and ask them to send comments in a personal message. Conducting live broadcasts via Instsagram is also a very popular tool among musicians – you can show your rehearsals or answer questions from listeners.

8. Snapchat
Snapchat is “new to the neighborhood”, but today it has become a large service based on “storytelling” by means of short, time-limited photos or videos. It is rapidly gaining user attention, leading to many unique marketing opportunities. It is from snapchat that Instagram has been stealing the best ideas lately, so if you use Insta, then you better do snaps too. Snapchat is now more popular among Western youth than other social networks, and if you want to build a fanbase abroad, be sure to pay attention to this service.


On the other hand, there are such sites in which active participation is not required. They can serve you to promote your music, videos, news, gigs, to be visible to your listeners, and to attract new fans, which is often a fundamental task.

9. Online radio
Online radio stations give your listeners the opportunity to listen to you alongside their usual and everyday music. Also you can get new admirers. Find sites of stations that play mixes and tracks in your genre, and if there is no obvious way to add your music to the rotation, send your demos to the mailbox in the contacts section.

10. Streaming audio
With the gradual decline in album sales, by posting your music to streaming services such as Yandex.Music, Zvooq, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and the like, you guarantee yourself and your fans that they will be able to listen to you online whenever they want. From this you will receive “royalties” (royalties), but as a rule, real money comes from performances, sales of merchandise, licensing of music, etc.

11. Youtube
Regarding a service like Youtube, I must say that this is a great way to distribute not only video, but also music. It is the second most popular search engine and # 1 streaming service on the web. It is especially cool if for each track you will make even a simple visual sequence, this will significantly increase the chances of success. This platform also allows you to monetize content through ad impressions.

12. Blogs
It’s not about your own blog, it’s about other people’s blogs. Music reviews, interviews, and guest blogs are all great ways to gain new followers. Pay attention to blogs that involve similar musicians (ideally the ones you are on the same level with). In Russia, the role of blogs also played by public pages in VK. Get to know their authors and admins and inform them in a timely manner about the release of suitable new sets and releases – they always need relevant content, and they are unlikely to be against such notifications, although throwing everything on the contrary is bad.

13. Bandsintown
Bandsintown is the largest gig and performance search platform, keeping your listeners on top of your tour schedule. Using the Bandsintown Manager app, you can easily post your concert schedule on your Facebook page, on your website or other social networks.

14. Soundcloud
Soundcloud offers users the easiest way to share and host audio streams on most well-known sites through embedded players. On its basis, there is a huge community of ordinary users and curators, which allows you to attract a new audience to your project.



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  Most people are more likely to listen to a musician they already know something about, so you need to increase your online visibility. Here are 17 ways to promote your music online. When it comes to promoting music online, there are a very large number of different media channels, networks, forums, platforms, applications and communities...How to promote your music online?