How to Remove Motorcycle Tire

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Removing a motorcycle tire is an important skill that every rider must know when it comes to dealing with punctured or damaged tires. Riders remove their tires to save from the crashs. Every rider needs to check the conditions of their tires before hitting the road. 

If your tires are in bad condition or have been involved in an accident, there is a guide on how to remove motorcycle tires. 

Motorcycle Tire

How to Remove Motorcycle Tire from the Rim 

Removing the motorcycle tires must have the right tools and equipment to ensure you follow the right procedure when taking off the tires from the rim. Not removing the tires correctly would result in further damage to your motorcycle and result in injuries. 

To know how to remove motorcycle tire, you need to gather the following equipment:

  • A rim protector
  • Tire irons
  • A valve core tool
  • A bead breaker
  • A silicone lubricant
  • An air compressor machine 
  • Two C-shaped clamps 


1.Use the valve core tool and an air compressor to let all of the air out. This tool has a snapped on or a screwed design of the valve to keep it clean. The force of the air is quite strong. To do this step right is to hold the valve tool tightly. This will help to loosen the tension in the tires making it much easier to work with. 


2. Use a pencil and draw an arrow at the edge of the rim to know the direction of the wheel when spinning. If you are not sure about the direction of the tire, hold the tire back up to the motorcycle. Do note how the wheel spins as this is important when putting the next tire on. In a normal case, wheels spin towards the direction the bike is going. 


3. Use a bead breaker and detach the inner edge of the tire from the rim. A bead breaker helps to insert between the tire and the rim wheel. You will hear a pop sound when the bead breaks loose. Continue this step until the tire has separated from all edges of the rim. If the bead does not come out, push more air out of the tires. 


4. Spray the silicone lubricant on the tire to make the removal process easier. This will help you to come out of the tires easily and prevent sticking during the removal process. To do this step right is to enter the tire irons under the bead and pull the tire away from the rim. Remove both sides of the tire until the tire slips off completely. 


5. If the bead breaker does not remove completely, there is another method to remove the tire by using two C-clamps to push the bead out. To do this step correctly is to take a large clamp and set it over the tire before the tire sticks to the rim. Tighten the clamp so the tire presses down and the bead bends off. Then add one more clamp and tighten it. Once both clamps are tight, pull them towards the edge of the tire to pop the bead out. 

Note: You need to move clamps a quarter, turn down the wheel and repeat this step once to get the whole bead off. Once the tire is down, the tire should sit outside the rim. 

1. Use the two levers to pry the bead up and over the rim. These levers are long metal tabs which all you have to do is to shove them under the bead. This helps to ensure the back side sits against the rim and pushes down to pull the tire up. The rim allows popping up the tire and over the rim. Move the rim in a circle around the tire until the tire is off. 


Note: Do take care to handle this step well otherwise it would cause chipping the rim if you are not careful. To handle this step safely is to use rim protectors that are little foam pieces that fit between the tire iron and the rim. 


1. Break the bead and pull out the tire on the other side to remove the rim. Repeat this step on the opposite side to take out the wheel completely. Your tire has been removed. 

Tips and Guidance When Removing the Motorcycle Tire

Removing the motorcycle tire requires tips and guidance to remove the tires safely. Every rider must have each skill to maintain their motorcycles in their best condition, including removing the tires. To know how to remove a motorcycle tire, you have to follow these useful tips. 

– When planning to remove the tire, be sure you have all the equipment available before you jump into the removing process. 

– Be sure you wear gloves to avoid dirt and grease building up and wear an old shirt to carry out the procedure well. 

– Do take care to handle sharp objects and tools as this can cause wounds and injuries. Be sure you handle the tools well to avoid serious injuries. 

– Do check the conditions of your tires before removing them and if your tires have deflated, it is time to replace the old tires. You can check the condition of your tires by using a motorcycle tire pressure monitor system. This helps to save time and money from checking the tires at the workshop. 

– Before hitting the road, check any signs of holes, damage and puncture to allow you to remove the tires. 

Final Word

Here is the guide on how to remove motorcycle tires in detailed. Removing is a skill that every rider should know on how to remove the tires properly. It is important to check the condition of the tires before you hit the road. If you have not checked your tires are in bad conditions and you need to remove the tires for a safe ride immediately. To know how to remove the tires, just refer to the instructions above. 

As expressed, checking the pressure of the tires is an issue many riders face and end up spending a higher budget at the petrol station. To save time and money comes to the motorcycle tire pressure monitor system that helps to check the condition of the tires without any hassle involved.

So read the guide and change the tires safely!