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How to save money on grocery shopping at Natural Grocers?

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How to save money on grocery shopping at Natural Grocers?

Are you one of the regular grocery shoppers at Natural Grocers, the most popular grocery store? Do you ever feel that you always return spending more money on grocery shopping than you expected? Even after taking advantage of Natural Grocers’ weekly ads, are you not able to save money on grocery items? If yes, then here we give you some practical tips to save money while buying groceries at Natural Grocers.

  1. Buy items on sale 

One of the effective ways to save on grocery shopping is by buying items on sale. If you find certain items on weekly sales that you regularly use at your home, go and grab the opportunity to stock them. Natural Grocers’ weekly ads & flyers can help you save a lot of money on grocery items. Also, try to reach the store as early as possible before the items go out of stock.

  • Make a grocery list

Prepare a list before going grocery shopping. Having a list with you makes you buy the things you need, and you don’t go beyond the list, wasting money on the items you don’t need. Also, it prevents you from impulsive shopping. The chances are very less that you forget to buy a thing that is mentioned on the list. Also, this habit avoids your return trip to the store to buy the forgotten item.

  • Compare the price

The brand you have on your list may be costing you more than the same product of the other brand on sale. Therefore, it is always beneficial to compare the price of the top brands before buying an item. Moreover, always look for the price per unit rather than the overall price because the item that looks expensive to you may contain more product and ends up saving you a considerable amount of money.

  • Start from the Pantry

The major reason that your food shopping bills are skyrocketing is wasting food. So, start taking measures from your home to avoid spending extra on food items. Sometimes you are unaware of the fact that you are unintentionally wasting food. For example, you forget about the food you placed in the fridge, and it started rotting. Sometimes you don’t seal the bags properly after opening them, making them smell bad. Moreover, it is better to have a small portion of serving to avoid the leftovers on a plate.

  • Right time to shop

Another way to save money on grocery shopping is  visiting the grocery store at the right time. After working from 8 to 9 hours a day, going shopping is the worst decision ever. As you are already feeling exhausted, you cannot make the right decision about what to buy and what not to buy. So, most probably end up buying unnecessary items and forgetting those not available in your pantry. Thus, try to take some time out in the morning to shop, especially on Wednesday. Most Grocery stores restock on Wednesdays, and also, there is less crowd on the weekday so you can shop peacefully.

  • Eat before shopping

Don’t go shopping when you are hungry. When you enter the grocery store feeling hungry, every packed food item you see looks good and tasty. The possibility is high that you will end up buying all the costly junk food you were not intended to buy. Once you reach home, you may regret buying and eating all unhealthy food items. Therefore, visit the grocery store when your stomach is full so that you can make wise decisions and not only buy what you need but also ensure you are spending on healthy food items.

  1. Shop less often

Visiting a grocery store when you feel bored is never a good idea. Once you enter the store, you will not come out without buying anything. As you don’t have any list of the items, you may consider buying something you can snack on and unknowingly waste your money. Hence, limiting your unnecessary visits to the grocery place is the best idea to save money.


You already knew that the weekly Natural Grocers Ad works in your favor when it is about saving money on grocery shopping. Apart from the discounts and sales, these tips, as mentioned above, can do wonders if you are serious about saving money, so try them before your next run to Natural Grocers.

As a dietitian, I am well aware that grocery shopping can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience for many people. For example, many of my patients don’t know where to begin when in the grocery store and aren’t sure which foods to add to their cart.

Plus, with seemingly endless food choices available — oftentimes in deceiving packaging — it can be hard to determine which foods are truly healthy and which ones are better left on the shelves.

In this article, I explain the basics of healthy grocery shopping, including how to choose nutritious foods, create a smart shopping list, and stock up so you can grocery shop less often

Before you go

While some people can go grocery shopping without a list or an idea of which meals they’ll cook during the coming week, most people need some sort of a plan.

Bringing along a grocery list or a weekly menu is a good idea if you get easily side-tracked in the store or don’t know where to begin.

Creating a healthy shopping list grocery shopping

A grocery list is an essential tool for many shoppers. It can help you stay on task and remind you of the items you need. Plus, studies show that grocery lists may help you make healthier choices while shopping (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source).

But what does a “healthy” grocery shopping list include?

Generally, a healthy, well-rounded diet should primarily comprise whole, nutrient-dense foods. I’m talking about foods such as veggies, fruits, protein sources like fish and eggs, beans, nuts, and seeds. These are foods to prioritize on your list.

How Online Grocery Shopping Can Save You Money

  • Experience In-Store Prices and Sales and Then Some. …
  • Buy in Bulk with Ease. …
  • Cut Gas and Parking Costs. …
  • Browse on Your Time. …
  • Avoid the Line and Shop in the Comfort of your Home. …
  • Avoid Making Multiple Trips.

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