How to select the Best CA Online Classes for Foundation, Inter & Final?


Which is the Best Online CA Course or who provides the Best CA Online Classes for Foundation, Intermediate or Final level?’ There are so many courses available online, so it is natural to get confused.

Another problem is that many online courses don’t honor their claims after you complete the enrollment. Only a few coaching institutes like VSI Jaipur provide the valuable classes that they promise. The benefits of online classes are surreal, hence joining them will help you cover the CA foundation syllabus, CA intermediate syllabus, and CA final syllabus with ease.

If you are also finding it difficult to make a wise decision about online classes, read the nine important factors listed in this article. We will help you make the right choice.

Factors to consider while choosing CA online Classes

Here are the nine important factors you should consider before joining any CA Online Coaching Institute.

Free VS Paid Classes

Free online CA courses may look luring and profitable but are not worth your time. So instead, we recommend you buy paid online classes for CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final.

In comparison to the free classes, paid one’s cover the complete syllabus for a subject so that you can study a particular subject from one source. In addition, some of the exceptionally good paid classes come with added benefits like MTPs, personalized guidance, after-class support, etc. Such benefits are not available in free classes.

CA Online Classes Relevant for Your Attempt

As you know, ICAI revises the study material for every attempt; so you must be learning the one relevant for your attempt.

Many of the online classes are pre-recorded, and the institutes continue to use the same for years without mentioning the changes of ICAI study material. As a result, students learn concepts according to old provisions and amendments. This further confuses the students in exams.

You have to avoid such situations and confirm from the institute when the classes were recorded.

Support facilities

Most CA Online Classes are pre-recorded and in self-study mode, leaving the students alone with lots of doubts. So you must select an online CA course where the faculties are available to solve your doubts. For instance, VSI Jaipur CA Online Coaching is where you can connect with faculties through Whatsapp groups to clear your doubts.

Experienced Faculties

When you are selecting CA online courses, one important thing you must see is who will be your tutors or faculties. The teaching methods play an important role in how well you understand concepts of the subject. This will help you identify if you would be comfortable learning from the teachers or not. In addition, you should request demo classes to see how well you can connect with the faculty.

Look for Best Result Records

The result records of a CA coaching institute are the most compelling evidence of how effective the classes are for the students. So when you are screening through to the coaching institutes, shortlist the ones based on best results criteria. A point often overlooked here is to see if the results claimed by the institute are true or not. Some CA institutes claim to give higher results, so you must cross-check the results.

CA Mock Test Series

Every CA Institute offers Mock Test Papers with CA Online Classes, but what matters is if it will help you improve your exam preparation. Ask if checking of answer copies is done or not, and are the mistakes discussed with students.

For example, VSI Jaipur is one institute where you can get the best mock test series. The level of question papers is high, so the students are prepared to perform well under pressure. Moreover, the answer copies are reviewed and discussed with students to help in improvement.

Personalized Guidance

All students have different levels of understanding. Therefore, each student must prepare for the CA exams according to their capability. It is an important fact overlooked in CA Online Coaching.

But we can tell you one institute that takes care of each student’s learning pace, i.e. VSI Jaipur. They provide telephonic personalized guidance to each student and help them set the right study plan and use correct learning methods.

Reasonable Fees of CA Online Classes

The next important factor to look at while checking the Online CA courses is the fees. Whatever the cost of CA online courses is, it should be worth it. However, if you are not getting the best coaching and other benefits, there is no use in paying huge fees. So be cautious; before you pay the fee, confirm if the course is right for you. Here is the average fee for all the courses:

Course Fees
CA Foundation Online Classes Fees Rs. 45,000
CA Intermediate Online Classes Fees:
Both Groups
First Group/Second Group
Rs. 75,000
Rs. 42,500
CA Final Online Classes Fees:
Both Groups
First Group/Second Group
Rs. 80,000
Rs. 45,000

Student Reviews for CA Online Classes

Another key point to remember is to check out the student reviews of the online classes and the institute you want to select. The feedback of students will give you real insights into the online classes. You can find out how the teaching methods are, are the support facilities good, and all about how the classes are helpful for students.


The nine factors mentioned above should be your main criteria when screening through CA Online Classes for Foundation, Intermediate, or Final level. Beware of scam courses and choose the best institute. In conclusion, we can say you will get the Best CA Online Course at VSI Jaipur with all facilities. VSI Jaipur meets all the above criteria for the right CA coaching institute. To learn more about VSI Jaipur online classes, check out the official website. If you want to know more about the courses or want to join VSI Jaipur, then call on 9358-900-493.

Select the best CA coaching institute in India for your bright future as a Chartered Accountant. Hope this article would help you to choose the best CA institute for Foundation, Inter, and Final.