How to start a custom embroidery patches business

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Starting a custom embroidered patches business is tricky and rewarding. The finer details of embroidery patches add personality to any apparel making it feel extra special. Being a business owner allows you to set your work hours, take time off when you want/ need, and control every aspect of your store. Luckily, a custom embroidery patch business is like most businesses when it comes down to its nitty-gritty. First, you need a plan, and second, you got to figure out how to launch your business. The blog will provide actionable steps to build your custom patches business from the ground up.

  1. Decide how to create custom patches:

People assume that most successful businesses, including custom patches, create the products themselves with hands or machines. However, it’s not always the case. You can take advantage of the technology and outsource the production to a manufacturer. You can then concentrate on the business side of things like marketing. There are many manufacturers you can buy in bulk and ship to customers. You can also use on-demand manufacturing to create patches when the orders come in. Building your business depends on various factors, including time, cash flow, etc.

1.1 Creating the orders yourself:

If you love sewing and are interested in turning your hobby into a business, you can create custom embroidery patches yourself and know more by clicking here With this business model, you’ll have to invest in sewing equipment, threads, etc. It will require money upfront to start your business and spend time practicing to create high-quality products. You will also need to spend time taking care of other business aspects. It is challenging to scale this type of business model since you will have little time on your hands.

1.2 Outsourcing production: You can start your custom embroidery patch business even if you don’t know anything about designing by outsourcing the production. The advantages: you don’t have to spend much money upfront, and you can spend your time concentrating on growing your business. It has few financial risks for you as you don’t have to buy equipment or stock products upfront. Since you will create the custom patches once you get the orders, you can add new products and designs to your online store later. You will be able to try out various ideas and focus on marketing. It is easy to explore other products; you can start with custom embroidery patches and later on create custom leather patches, chenille patches, printed patches, PVC patches, etc.

Points to consider when getting started:

There are a few essential points you need to keep in mind when starting your own custom embroidery patch business.

  1. Creating your store: First, you must set up your online store. You can do it with an eCommerce platform or a marketplace. Afterward, it would help to choose your embroidery patches and designs – the fun part.
  2. Taking care of legal: You also need to check the legal requirements of doing business in different states and internationally. You can start selling custom patches locally, and then as the orders come in, you can start expanding your business range.
  3. Setting price: Figuring out the price is one of the most vital elements for business success. You need to identify what business image you want for yourself; are you going to create average-quality patches at regular prices or high-quality patches at slightly higher prices. It will all come down to what costs will help you sustain and grow your custom embroidery business.
  4. Defining a niche:

Once you have decided how to produce embroidery patches, you must determine your target market. Figuring out your niche target and adapting to it will help you have an easier time. You can connect better with customers while standing out from the competition quickly.

Advantages of selling to a niche market:

  • Better designs for your custom embroidered patches
  • Easy to create brand appearance and voice
  • It helps to focus your marketing efforts

E.g., if you want to create custom patches for college students, you will have to use vivid colors, bold texts, and pop culture characters for more connection. You would want your patches to go well with accessories like hats, caps, backpacks, etc.

You can start by answering a few questions:

  • What are their passions and interests?
  • What are the desires you want to meet?
  • What existing custom embroidery patch business do you like and why?
  • What are the latest trends you can incorporate into your designs?
  1. Bringing your custom patches to life:

Now that you know your store and niche market, it’s time to start designing your custom embroidery patches. You need to figure out specific design ideas fitting your niche. Next, you must decide which design ideas you will use and determine the colors and texts accordingly.

Compile patch design ideas:

As discussed earlier, the designs need to align with your niche market. For better identifying design ideas that will sell, answer the following:

What designs come to your mind thinking about your niche segment?

Start by researching your competitors on marketplaces and look for inspiration on various sites. Take screenshots to save images and designs, taking inspiration from them. However, if you are stuck, don’t copy; it can land you into copyright violations. Instead, use your imagination and try to innovate, improve and give the design your unique twist.

Main takeaways:

Now that you have learned about designing and selling custom embroidery patches, you are ready to begin your journey as a business owner. You need to partner with a reliable manufacturer like EverLighten, who can deliver high-quality custom patches with low MOQ on time.

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