How to Stay Compliant to the Cannabis Packaging Regulations

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While the recreational and medical use of cannabis under doctor’s instructions is legal in some states in the US, some laws regulate its use. The primary goal of state cannabis regulators is to prevent cannabis products from being diverted to the black market or the minors. Conforming to the weed packaging and labeling laws is critical to achieving this goal.

While stopping minors from ingesting cannabis may appear to be a simple goal, it necessitates authorities navigating a complex legal framework. The laws differ from state to state and are regularly amended and revised.

To conduct business in more than one state, cannabis manufacturers must comply with all regulatory authorities in the different states. Adjusting to the frequent changes in regulations across different states can be a daunting task.

Importance of Cannabis Packaging

Some of the earliest cannabis packaging regulations addressed weed like any other prescription drug, with marijuana dispensaries using ordinary-looking cylindrical pill bottles prevalent in pharmacies.

The use of these pill bottles resulted from the 1970 Poison Prevention Packaging Act, aimed at lowering the number of children involved in drug-related accidents. These bottles are, however, not wholly effective at preventing marijuana consumption due to their transparency.

In response, several states have adopted laws mandating dispensaries to package weed purchases in opaque, child-resistant bags. Some of the consumers remove them from their child-resistant pouch to an accessible spot at home. However, once the buyer takes cannabis to their home, it is difficult to follow up on whether they store it within children’s reach.

As a result, some manufacturers have reconsidered their compliance with the regulations by providing safe packaging. Instead of viewing the regulations as an unwelcome expense, they are recalibrating their packaging processes to provide safe, appealing product containers that strictly adhere to the regulatory requirements.

Design an Eye-Catching Label While Complying With the Law

While child-resistant packaging may sound unappealing, cannabis manufacturers should understand that you can make your packaging visually appealing. The packaging design is crucial as it dictates the branding while helping consumers comply, preventing regulators from enacting tighter laws in the future.

Rather than reusing cumbersome glass jars, pharmaceutical containers, and boxes, today’s most forward-thinking cannabis businesses are designing innovative packaging solutions that satisfy several requirements all at once. A well-thought-out cannabis packaging plays a crucial role in the overall success of a company if it achieves its goals in the following areas.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Cannabis consumers like to identify themselves as belonging to a unique culture. Elegant packaging that supports this cultural identity might lead to a product surpassing equally valuable alternatives on the dispensary shelf.
  • Sustainability: Several cannabis packaging companies are producing sustainable, sensible alternatives such as hemp for marijuana products. Paper and recycled plastic may also reduce a company’s carbon footprint while simultaneously providing great branding possibilities.
  • Cost reduction: While certain cannabis products may benefit from premium branding to entice high-end buyers, the majority of producers prefer to find hygienic, practical, and cost-effective marijuana packaging options.
  • Efficiency: When it comes to packaging cannabis products, businesses have a variety of financial incentives to avoid waste. If correctly executed, the utilization of readily available, highly reusable materials can result in a long-term net benefit.
  • Compliance: Cannabis businesses will always be concerned about regulatory compliance. No company may bring a product to market unless it complies with – or, better yet, surpasses – state regulations.

Examples of Packaging for Specific Product Types

Having a careful look at the rules of the states you want to operate in can help you choose the best option for your cannabis company’s packaging needs. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, but the examples below should help manufacturers discover one that is right for their circumstances and purpose.

  • Packaging for cannabis flowers: Customized odor-proof packaging can significantly influence cannabis flowers’ success in the market. Some growers use child-resistant packaging made of bespoke glass, wood, or even metal to set themselves apart from their competitors. This packaging must provide optimal moisture and lighting conditions to extend the shelf life of the product.
  • Packaging for Edibles: The edibles industry is one of the most significant when it comes to child-resistant packaging. Children may be pretty creative when getting what they believe to be chocolate or candy, and companies like Inkable Label Co. are developing ways to reduce the danger of accidental consumption.
  • Packaging for Vaporizers and Extracts: Packaging options for e-cigars and extracts provide more branding and design flexibility. Experiential packaging design is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the vape consumer’s journey, providing companies with new opportunities to interact with consumers, typically via the perspective of luxury packaging and quality.

One of the most critical factors for cannabis producers to understand is that they are not alone in this. Cannabis packaging businesses collaborate with design and packaging professionals in the cannabis industry and compliance experts to build solutions that optimize their products’ viability beyond state borders.

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While the recreational and medical use of cannabis under doctor’s instructions is legal in some states in the US, some laws regulate its use. The primary goal of state cannabis regulators is to prevent cannabis products from being diverted to the black market or the minors. Conforming to the weed packaging and labeling laws is...How to Stay Compliant to the Cannabis Packaging Regulations