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Whether one agrees or not, social recognition matters a great deal to people. One wants to achieve great things to flaunt it to the people around them to show that he has made it. But, unfortunately, news of failure spreads faster than the news of one’s success. Therefore, when one is arrested with a criminal charge, the words get around, especially if he stays in jail for a longer period. So, continue reading this article to find out more about the steps one can take to minimize the social damage after arrest.

Get Bail: When one is arrested, he is taken to jail, where he must stay until his trial is completed. Now, the trial can take weeks or even months after the initial arrests. All this time, an innocent defendant will have to be in jail away from his home and family. This jail time will do nothing but harm his reputation as an upstanding member of the community. When he returns home months later, it will be hard for him to blend into the old group. He might feel abandoned and ostracized for being in jail.

  • The defendant must exercise his right to counsel after his arrest to know what should be his next move. When the defendant is arrested, he is promptly produced in court within 48 hours of his arrest for his bail hearing. The judge sets a bail amount for the defendant, which he has to pay to the court. Once the accused posts the bail, he is free to go out into the world and be with his family. He has to be present on all court dates for his trial.
  • Cash bail is expensive; there is no doubt about it; therefore, not many can opt for cash bail. If the defendant cannot post bail with cash, he must find an alternate way to get bail. There are numerous bail bonds agencies in California, working 24×7 to provide their clients with fast bail. One can reach out to Orange County bail bonds for an affordable bail service. The accused will only have to pay 10% of the bail amount, and the rest is taken care of by the bail company.

Kill the Questions: Once you get bail, you return to your home as if nothing has happened. You are only to visit the courthouse on dates previously set for the trial hearing. However, if police arrested you from your home, the neighbors are likely to have some questions regarding the same. Instead of tiptoeing around the topic, find a suitable time and provide the neighbors some solid information about the arrests. Do not share any unnecessary details if you are uncomfortable telling them. If the people are not told what exactly happened, they will make their own versions of the event and start spreading rumors which can harm your reputation. When you are going through a trial, it is important to have people by your side. Maybe some bystanders will be asked to come to court and testify against you. Therefore, it is always better to have a cordial relationship with your neighbors.

Accept The Truth: Something bad happened to you; the sooner you accept the fact, the better. There is no point in denying the past. The best way to move forward is to acknowledge the past and learn from your mistakes. When you have a police record, things are going to be a bit different, and there is nothing you can do about it. Even before the trial takes place, some people might consider you to be guilty. You cannot and should not justify your actions to anyone in particular. The innocent ones have a hard time adjusting to the unfortunate events as they think that the universe has a personal grudge against them. But during such troubling times, it is important to keep the faith. When you accept the flaws in life, you are better prepared to face anything that life may throw in your direction.

Change How You Work: If you feel that the old profession is not fulfilling you spiritually and mentally, maybe it is time to move on. Many a time, people commit crimes due to the fact that they are not fulfilled in their professional and personal life. While one cannot trade off family members, one can certainly quit a toxic work environment. If you feel judged or discriminated against in the workplace for being in jail, you should not put up with such behavior lying down. Let your colleagues and boss know that you will be facing trial and are not proven guilty yet. Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to mistreat an under-trial without any evidence.

Cut Toxic People out: You cannot choose your family, but you can surely let toxic people go out of your life. Many a time, young folks get into a bad company that leads to a police arrest. The goal is to be peaceful and calm. You don’t want to get sucked into other people’s unnecessary drama. Therefore cutting down toxic people out of your life is mandatory if you want a fresh start once you are out of jail.

Contribute To Charity: When you encounter misery and unfortunate circumstances in real life, you can fully appreciate the value of helping others. Many people organize charitable events to help the unfortunate ones. When you help organize a charity, people will start seeing you in a different light. They can see that you have changed your ways and have grown as a person. Society will welcome you with open arms when they get to see the humanitarian side of you.

Throw A Community Party: Everyone loves a party! There’s no doubt about it. A party provides you with the opportunity to interact with people in your community and show them that you are a reformed human being. Accepting your invitation will indicate that they trust you and want to be by your side. Let the neighbors get to know you better, so they don’t form any ill-informed opinions about you.