How to Teach Kids to Swim at Every Age

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Without a doubt, swimming is a life skill every child should learn. Swimming does not just help to reduce the risk of drowning among children, it also helps the child to develop interest in it as a sports or fun activity. 


Like every other skill, learning to swim features several aspects starting from learning the basics to skills needed to stay safe in water to mention a few. That said, teaching kids to swim at different ages is quite dynamic as you would need to customize the process to suit their unique capabilities. 


However, it is necessary to consider their physical and emotional capabilities as well as other safety tips before enrolling kids in swimming lessons. Here are some tips on how to teach kids to swim at different ages.

Introduce Them to Water

Whether your child is afraid of water or not, you can prepare them for swimming without dipping them into the water. Here are some ways to introduce children to water. 

  • Get a cup of warm water and gradually pour it on your kid’s head and shoulder.
  • Put your child in the bathtub and blow bubbles while they play in there. 

Make Swimming Fun

Ince your child gets comfortable with water, the next thing to do is to make swimming fun. Children are likely to get discouraged or uninterested in things if it is not enjoyable, so fun swimming lessons for kids will help keep them interested and motivated.


Play Games: As your child becomes comfortable with water, you can now introduce games such as kicking a ball or catching rings to help keep them in the water for a longer period. These


Blow Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is one of the games kids love irrespective of their ages. Although it is simple, it will make the kid almost forget he or she is in water. 


Give them Goggles: Goggles help swimmers see clearly inside water. It will jot only help your kid to be comfortable in water, it will also give them a new and exciting experience.


Use a lifejacket: A lifejacket does not only serve as another layer of safety, it also enhances movement in water. What’s more is that it helps your kid develop both kicking and pulling motions. 


Practice How to climb in and out of the Swimming Pool: Allow your child to practice how to properly enter I to the pool, how to hold the side of the wall and how to come out of the pool.


Safety Tips

Teaching kids how to swim can be both fun and risky since they can easily drown when left alone. Here are some tips needed when teaching kind to swim at every age:

  • Stay close to your child always when you are in the pool. If you are leaving the pool to get something, go along with your child. 
  • Ensure the trainer can perform CPR and knows how to swim before allowing your child to start the swimming lessons. 
  • Avoid the use of all inflatable swimming devices like floaties. Always make use of a life jacket to guarantee your child’s safety.




Although swimming is fun and enjoyable, it is also risky especially for kids. However, with the right tips on how to teach a kid swimming, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. 


This guide on how to teach kids to swim at every age will come in handy to guarantee not only your child’s swimming lesson progress but also their safety. 

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