How To Use Wireless Headphones?

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This is a comprehensive guide on how to use wireless headphones. Any wireless headphones are always supplied with paper instructions for use (factory). But it can be short, and you don’t want to understand the site. Instructions for wireless headphones from China can only be in Chinese. And in general, who needs complete instruction for the use of headphones?

How to connect wireless TWS headphones and regular Bluetooth?

Instructions for TWS headphones and “classic” wireless headphones usually begin with a connection.

The logic is always the same: turn on Bluetooth on the phone, make the headphones “visible”, find them in the list of available devices and pair them. But there are nuances.

How to charge wireless TWS headphones and regular Bluetooth?

Instructions on how to charge wireless headphones usually come down to: “connect the wire to the headphones/case at one end and to the adapter plugged into the network at the other.” But there are many models now, there are also nuances. But for every nuance we have instructions.

What do the indicators mean and what are they?

The indicator should be on the headphones. And most of the time there are several. All models have different logic, colors, and several indicators. The main points can be highlighted:

  • Power indicator. This is the one that lights up when turned on. Sometimes it continues to burn, sometimes it goes out after a couple of seconds. Changes color when the headphones are charged. Or starts blinking. The colors are usually: red – it’s time to charge or charging is in progress, green – there is enough charge and the end of charging. There are several of them, for example, 4 pieces, each “responsible” for 25% of the battery charge.
  • Connection indicator. It is combined with the first. Usually blue or white. Headphones are blinking – this is most often about this indicator. It flashes when the headphones are in pairing mode but not connected to a source. When connected – it either burns steadily or goes out.

Headphone control scheme

The headphone control scheme is very different from model to model. It can be tough; it can be push-button. Sometimes there are switches and wheels (for volume, mostly). Expensive models also have smart features, such as a pause when removing the headphones.

  • Three buttons are usually allocated for playback control. Start/pause (it can also be a power button) and volume control buttons. Switching tracks – either double/triple pressing the start/pause or holding the volume buttons.
  • Separate buttons are usually allocated for additional functions. For example, noise reduction control: on / off – one button and switching modes – another. The same.
  • Touch control. Usually, there are one or two touch panels. One or two (this is better, fewer false positives) clicks – start/pause. Double/triple tap – next/previous track. Hold – change the volume (louder on the right, quieter on the left, for example). Or there can be gestures: swipe forward / backward – switching tracks, up / down – volume.
  • Branded applications for Bluetooth headphones wireless. Many models from major manufacturers have these. In them, you can usually find additional settings, the ability to customize controls, and more.

What to do if the headphones do not see the phone or computer?

If your phone, computer, or laptop does not see the headphones – this, most often, is not scary.

We have instructions that sequentially check all possible causes of this situation. Everything is quite simple, and takes a few minutes:

How to disable headphone mode on your phone?

How to turn off the headphones on the phone: they are physically disabled, and the icon is “hanging” and unnerving. On this topic, we have detailed instructions for Android phones and iPhones. If you are interested in how to turn off wireless headphones, the easiest way is to turn them off. Either open the settings – Bluetooth – a list of devices, select the ones you need, and click “delete”, “forget” or “unpair”, depending on the OS and device.

What are Bluetooth headphones for phones?

There are no special and special wireless headphones for phones. There are just headphones that connect via Bluetooth. They can be used with different devices: smartphones, computers, tablets, and TVs. All wireless headphones are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is now in every phone. As for the Bluetooth version, there is no need to worry about this.

How to use wireless headphones on your phone?

  • Connect headphones (first time). Everything is simple here, you need to turn them on, put them in connection mode, and select headphones in the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  • Once connected, the headphones will start working immediately. You can listen to music, watch videos, and use them as a headset for conversations.
  • To control calls or play music/video, you can use the buttons (regular or touch) on the headphones themselves. The functionality of these buttons depends on the model of your headphones.
  • You can see the charge level of wireless headphones on your phone in the Bluetooth settings (it is displayed next to the name of the headphones) or in a proprietary application. It should also be displayed in the status bar.

How to connect and set up?

I want to say right away that you don’t need to configure anything additionally or install applications after connecting the headphones. More precisely, not necessarily. Many headphone manufacturers have proprietary applications that can be installed to control the headphones, view the charge level (this can be done without an application), set up control using buttons, update the headphone software, etc. But this is not necessary, they are without applications will work.

  1. You need to charge the headphones and turn them on. Regular headphones have a power button. On TWS, you usually need to hold down the button on the headphones (on each) for 2-5 seconds, or just open the case and take out the headphones. As a rule, if the headphones have not yet been connected to any device (which is currently nearby), then they should automatically go into connection mode (will be visible on different devices). In some cases, the connection mode must be activated manually.
  2. In the Bluetooth settings on your phone, you need to turn on Bluetooth and select your headphones from the list of available for connection. They automatically connect to the phone.