How To Utilise B2B Video Marketing Effectively

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Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of marketing your product or service. According to HubSpot, 85% of businesses are using video marketing to leverage their efforts. In such cases, you must be aware of the latest trend in the video marketing space and more importantly the process of effective video marketing. 

Someone who is not very aware of the video marketing process will look at a brand video and take it at. its face value but as we dive deeper into understanding what all goes into building an effective video for your brand. There are a few crucial components that need to take care of. Not to mention, the video quality stays of utmost importance. To make sure the quality is top-notch you can take the help of free video creator tools available on the internet. 


Here are a few crucial components of video marketing that will take your marketing video a step ahead. 


Craft a strategy


Not just for B2B but for any kind of communication that you put out as a brand a clear strategy needs to be in place. It gives your communication clarity, builds an effective brand identity and creates a roadmap for future communication. 

The primary and integral part of crafting a strategy is understanding your target audience. In the case of B2B, the target audience can define based on industry, organisation size and the organisation’s business goals. 

Once your target audience decide. You need to choose in what tone or voice will appreciate from them. While the landscape is slowly changing where brands try to be as human as possible. In the current time B2B business communications still take place in a little formal language. 

With all the gained insights about your audience and their preferences. you can build a short and long term strategy for your brand communication. This includes the number of videos you’ll be making in a year and the topics that you’ll be covering with them 


Create audience personas


To better understand your target audience’s behaviour it is a good idea to study and build their personas. The primary reason you build an audience persona is whenever you feel stuck. And can’t make a choice, you can go back to the persona and analyse things better. 

Broadly there are 4 stages of building a strong audience persona, Those are as follows.



Marketing and research goes hand in hand, every good decision can  trace back to your research insights. And you should never overlook the research part in your process. In the research process, you collect all the behavioural data of the companies you are planning to target and analyse them in a research setting. 

Pick out similarities-

Once you collect all the data it’s time to see what are the variable that you see often and compile them into one group. This data helps you understand all the similar characteristics that your audience contains. 

Segment your audience-

Unless what you are offering is highly specific and contains a small niche, you’ll find specific patterns in your research. Segmenting means compiling these patterns into groups. This way your messy information gets a structure 

Create a persona template-

Once you have all the research segmented you can create a functional persona that represents a pacific group. 


Choose what type of video to produce


Just like your audience varies from one another so does the type of videos. There are a plethora of different types and videos and each one serves a different purpose. You need to identify which one aligns best with your communication. These videos can make easily with video makers and online video creating software. Here are a few types:

Introduction video-

Introduction videos are a great way to start your B2B video marketing process. These videos cover all the basics of your brand like your story, mission and vision. 

Product description videos-

These types of videos are best when you are about to launch a new product or recently launched one. These videos cover all the information about your product from how it is ideated to how it works. And what problems it solves. Product description videos can be made either informative or sales focused. 


Once your product is out and selling, your customers would want to understand how to use videovor. In such cases, you have 2 options. Either choose an old method of creating instruction manuals and sending them with your product or create tutorial videos that very easily describe the process. 

Case studies-

 In a B2B scenario, case studies work the best. While the word case study sounds heavy all it means is to show how your product or service has helped other businesses to grow, in what aspects they experienced growth and how it can be replicated for other brands. 


Write scripts and storyboard


Similar to how the strategy is a key to your success, a strong script and vivid visualisation of your video beforehand are key determinants to an effective video. 

Once you finalise the kind of video you want to create to market your B2B business, building a narrative and plot is essential. This will include all the technical aspects of persuading a prospective client. From creating a hook to providing delight a strong narrative can be easily broken down into how a consumer is going to pursue it. 

Language holds the highest power in any form of communication and brand communication is no different. A strong script can make or break your video. Special importance needs to be given regard to what words are being used and what matches the tone that you defined in your strategy. 

Storyboarding is a creative process where once the narrative and script is finalised, each frame is drawn on paper before it gets shot. A director of the video takes references from the storyboard to create an actual video. Once the script and storyboard are perfected success is sure!


Choose the right platforms for postings 

You have put in a massive effort, used different tools and video makers to create a video and it’s finally the time to use your video for your marketing efforts. Just like any B2B content, promotion is 80% of the work. 

Not the question is, what are the right platforms to upload your video. The answer can sometimes be tricky. As a B2B business, LinkedIn is the most popular platform among the social platform platter available but it’s not the only one. Based on the type of video and your brand’s presence on different platforms, this video can then be distributed among different platforms. Another interesting method that brands are using for distribution is that they make different edits for different platforms using a video maker. These videos can pull more reach and engagements as these are specially made for different platforms.


While this sounds like a complete process of creating an effective video for marketing a B2B business it only scratches the surface. When you dive deeper into each aspect of the process like strategy, audience personas and video types have a lot of depth in it. This was an overview of the things that you are supposed to consider while creating a video. If each of these steps is executed with precision and detailing the success will surely be achieved.