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How to Wash Cycling Clothes & Gear


After an exhausting ride, you have to wash your cycling clothes and gear. Every cyclist dreads this part. However, this is the only way to enjoy your cycling clothes and gear on the next ride. 

Before you start washing your cycling essentials, make sure to read the care label instructions. Every cycling clothes need different care, so it is best to know which items do not have to go into the washer and dryer. Yes, some cycling apparels are not compatible with washers and dryers. Separate them from your laundry clothes. Keep them from the batch of dirty clothes for laundry pickup and delivery.

Washing cycling clothes and gear

It is dreading doing laundry after an exhausting bike ride, but this is a must. You have to wash your clothes on the same day that you used them to prevent them from developing a foul odor. If you did not sweat much during the ride, you can wash and rinse them quickly. However, if your cycling clothes are dirty, it is best to soak them for 30 minutes in cold water and a few drops of laundry detergent.

Prepare a sportswear-specific laundry detergent for your cycling clothes and gear. This type of laundry cleaner does not have fragrance, bleach, or softener that can potentially damage your cycling clothes and gear.

Do not use hot water in washing your cycling clothes. Most of your cycling apparel is made of synthetic fibers sensitive to hot water. You do not want the breathability, insulation, and waterproof feature of your cycling clothes to be damaged.

There is also a trick that most cyclists do. They shower with their cycling gears on and use a gentle soap to scrub their gear. If you are comfortable doing this, you can give it a try.

Drying cycling clothes and gear

After you have washed and wrung your cycling clothes, here are a few tips on how to dry them completely without using the dryer:

  • Line dry your cycling apparel under the sun. However, do not forget to turn the garments inside out to ensure that the sun’s rays do not fade the colors of your cycling apparel.
  • Do not hang them for long under the sun. Since their fabrics dry quickly, you can remove them sooner than you think and continue to air dry them in the laundry room. 

Meanwhile, if you are on travel and you do not have an outdoor space to hang your cycling clothes or gear, a well-ventilated room is fine. You can air dry them in the room, but it may take longer than you think.Follow these recommendations to maintain the optimum performance of your cycling clothes and gear. A few mistakes in your wash cycle can make your cycling clothes loose and uncomfortable. If you rely too much on laundry services, keeping your cycling clothes and gears out of it is best. Unless the laundry service provides handwashing and air drying on their services.

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