Step-By-Step Guide on How to Write a Paper

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As a college student, you’re bound to write at least one research paper before you graduate. And while you shall have gotten used to writing essays for assignments, writing a research paper requires more skill and knowledge. If you’re already in your senior year, you can likely tell that students at your level are panicking. Write my essay no plagiarism is probably all that’s ringing through most of your classmates’ minds.

Even though good research paper writing is challenging for many, this does not mean that it’s an impossible task. You can find all the required knowledge required of you if you conduct extensive research on the internet.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to write a good paper, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about effective research paper writing. Keep reading to learn what steps to follow to get that grade you’re after.

Familiarize Yourself with the Assignment

While this might sound obvious, it’s an important step that many students don’t realize they skip. Familiarizing yourself with the assignment goes beyond knowing you’re required to write a research paper. You have to go through the assignment instructions to ascertain
that you understand what’s required of you.

If you skip this step, you will likely get a low grade because you cannot give an assignment all you’ve got if you don’t understand what the question is asking. Spend some time reading and interpreting all the instructions, and feel free to ask your professor for clarifications if you don’t understand a given point.

You can go through this step with a friend to ensure you don’t miss any critical information. Be sure to note down the most important instructions on a checklist you’ll use when writing the paper. The professor will use every instruction outlined on the assignment sheet to grade your work. So, if you fulfil all the instructions, you will likely score a high grade.

Decide on a Topic

Now that you know what the assignment requires, you can proceed to pick a topic. Figure out the most suitable topic to discuss based on the assignment instructions. The key to finding an easy to research topic is not to make too big a deal of the assignment. Look at the task as something you’re capable of doing, which will help you develop a practical topic.

Look for a topic in areas you’re passionate about to ensure that you enjoy the writing process. List down your areas of interest and explore possible topics until you get one that fits. Remember that you’re not looking for the perfect topic. What you need is a topic that allows you to write an impactful research paper.

Consider choosing a controversial topic as this allows you to curate a unique research paper that will be different from other students’ work. Moreover, your professor will award you additional points for objectively discussing a controversial topic and arriving at a practical concussion.

Don’t ignore the guidelines your professor has provided, as they can help you choose a topic. Ensure you don’t get hung up on a topic if it does not fit the assignment’s requirements. Drop it and look for a more suitable one that will make writing easy.

Do Your Research

Research is the step many students anticipate; you can finally look for suitable discussion points to include in your research paper. This step is pretty easy when you understand the instructions and have the right topic of discussion.

Note that this is the most important step because the depth of your research will determine how impressive your essay paper will be. Stay focused and properly manage your time since you still have to write the paper.

When you’re conducting research, begin by skimming through articles and books to identify useful information you can use in your paper. Quickly reading through articles is an excellent way of managing your time as it ensures you don’t spend too much time on irrelevant sources.

Another important point is not to ignore information because you never know how it can impact the quality of your research paper. If you have the feeling that a specific piece of information is important, note it down, so you don’t forget.

Once you find reliable sources, save them for future reference. Chronologically saving all your sources makes writing the essay easy. It boosts the flow of the essay and ensures your professor has an easy time understanding what you’re writing about. If you’re uncertain about the validity of a source, consult with your professor before you begin the writing process.

Form Your Thesis

Forming a thesis allows you to articulate the opinion your research paper will defend. Even if you will not be arguing for or against anything, you need a thesis to guide your assertions. Your thesis should be a short statement highlighting the approach your research paper will take on the said topic. A suitable way of figuring out how to write a thesis is to write down a one-sentence answer to the question, what is my paper about?

Write Your Research Paper

Finally, you can put pen to paper. All the preparations you have made up to this point ensures you’re prepared to write an impressive research paper. Allow the ideas to flow without worrying about the grammar because you’ll have time to edit the paper when you’re done writing. Ensure you follow the professor’s outline, and if he or she did not provide one, look for one that would suit your paper.
Look over your research before you begin writing a section to ensure you have access to all the information you need to make an in-depth discussion. Remember to paraphrase your research sources, so you don’t plagiarize other people’s work. Since you have followed all the important steps up to this point, trust that you have enough information to properly articulate your assertions.


When you have the right knowledge, nothing is stopping you from writing an impressive paper. Follow this guide to ensure you write a research paper that answers all the questions the assignment is asking. Remember to dedicate enough time for each step so you have an easy time discussing your points.