How, when and where to study and how much time to devote to studies

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If you are not able to study in the morning then you can study well at night also. There are many benefits of studying at night and you can study comfortably.

If you are not able to study in the morning then you can study well at night also. There are many benefits of studying at night and you can study comfortably. The special thing is that studying at night is also fine because you do not have any work at night and you are not able to study by concentrating. Also your phone will not disturb you. But, while studying at night, you have to keep some things in mind, so that you will be able to study well at night.

Get a good sleep first- Whenever you start studying at night, complete your sleep before that, so that you do not have to deal with sleep at night.

Take coffee support- Coffee can help you wake up at night. With coffee, you will be able to keep sleep away and you will not feel hungry and feel fresh with coffee.

Do not read while lying on the bed- Reading while lying on the bed can make you lazy, which invites sleep. Therefore, while studying, always sit on the chair with the back straight. Even while sitting on the chair, he kept on moving his hands or feet after some time.

Keep the lights on – Many students study only by lighting a study lamp, due to which the rest of the room remains almost dark. Which creates an atmosphere of lethargy and you soon start falling asleep.

Toppers said, 3 to 4 hours of study every day

After all, how many hours did they study every day who topped? Did they study only or did they participate in other activities as well? Everyone wants to know this from toppers. After the CBSE 12th results, when AiNext spoke to 50 students who scored more than 90% marks, most of them talked about studying for 3 to 4 hours regularly. He also told that he used to participate in other activities along with playing games on the computer to relax during studies.

 Regular study more important

80 per cent students who scored above 90 per cent said that they study for 3 to 4 hours every day. For better results, it is better to study for 3-4 hours every day than to study for 10 to 12 hours during the exam. Due to this the result is also better. Science topper Vishishtha of DAV Gandhinagar said that time is not a standard for studies. Studying for 3 to 4 hours every day is enough, provided it is regular.

Used to give relaxation to the brain

Toppers believe that it is not only necessary to study for better studies. It is also important to relax the mind while studying. He told that he either used to watch TV or read novels to keep the mind fresh. Apart from this, he was also involved in other activities. Commerce topper Ananya told that she likes to read novels while studying. This not only refreshes the mind, but also keeps the mind engaged in further studies.

How to study online

With the increasing hit of Corona, the trend of online education is also increasing. Online education has helped children a lot in this coronavirus. If there was no online education, the future of the children could be in danger. Online education has emerged as a boon during this pandemic. Some of the top platforms have played and are playing their important role to study online.

How to study on mobile

In today’s era, it is not wrong to study online from mobile, it is a medium which is proving beneficial for many people and poor children who do not have money for coaching and tuition are also studying for free from YouTube. Huh. Nowadays mobile application is being used a lot in the education sector. Studying through mobile phone gives you free notes test series.

Benefits of online reading

Online studies better:- If we watch the movie from TV or mobile, then that story gets printed well in our mind. In the same way, it differs from reading online in the same way. On the other hand, if we talk about the benefits provided by it, due to this, we are able to read boring topics very well.

Extreme time saving: – This is the biggest advantage of studying online, it saves us a lot of time because we do not need to go to any institute or coaching class, then all this time of waiting for the class to come and go is easily saved. goes.

Online Test Series:- I like this thing best about Online Mobile Studies Test Series because nowadays many exams are being conducted through online computer, due to which it is also important to have your experience in giving online exam so that you will not face any problem during the exam. The best medium for this is the online test series, through which our preparation is assessed well and it does not seem boring, it attracts a lot so that you remember more questions or answers.

We do not have to write:- We have to prepare our own notes of what we are taught in offline classes or studies. But it is not so in reading from the Internet, in this, PDF notes are sent to your mobile like a digital printed book or you can download it from their App or Website, in which you can read without writing in your mobile.

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