CHANDIGARH: International Chamber of Service Industry (ICSI) along with Government of Punjab, Invest Punjab (Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion) organized an International Conference, Panel Discussions & Expo called Advantage Punjab –Destination Medical Tourism on the eve of World Health Day at Hotel Mountview, Chandigarh. The objective of the event was to make the State of Punjab as a Hub for Medical Tourism, in Northern India for foreign patients across the world.
The conference was inaugurated by the chief guest Ms Vini Mahajan, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Punjab. Dr Gulshan Sharma, Director General- ICSI- International Chamber for Service Industry addressed the audience and introduced them to the concept of the event.
The conference saw some known industry stalwarts from the national and international level who shared their knowledge and experiences and discussed the framework of the policy in order to make Punjab a destination for Medical Tourism. One of the major points of discussion was the future of medical tourism through technology & AI. During the conference, it was discussed that the Asia Pacific is developing a robust digitalized market with the aim of modernizing and integrating healthcare delivery, and this step will no doubt revolutionize the industry. The one-day long conference had parallel technical sessions where the speakers discussed topics like Health Industry, Hospitals, Medical services and skill development, second, Wellness, Holistic Healing, specialized treatment including cosmetology and third, Bringing Punjab on World Medical Tourism Map.
Arpita Das, the owner of ‘Beauness By Arpita’, a premier Beauty & Wellness Consulting company in India, was one of the panellists. She enlightened the participants by her experience and knowledge on spoke on how cosmetology in medical tourism are important niche segment to be empowered further through best practices.  Talking about the wellness industry and its importance in medical tourism, Arpita Das, said, “Medical tourism is spreading its wing in the wellness industry as well. The whole concept is about health, wellness and lifestyle. Therefore, wellness is an extended part of medical tourism. As a member of the wellness fraternity, our effort is to promote the growth of medical tourism by making beauty & wellness and cosmetology go hand in hand with the medical and health sector.”
Richa Agarwal, makeover expert and Director – Cleopatra, who was also one of the panel members, said, “Wellness today is a significant part of the Beauty & Wellness Industry growing by leaps and bounds as people want to stay fit and well. As the saying goes “ Prevention is better than cure“, let’s advocate a healthy lifestyle, as you may be the best of Doctors Engineers or lawyers unless you are mentally and physically fit, you would be unable to live life optimally.”


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