IET India Launches ‘IET India Digital Conversations’ Amidst Growing Concerns about the Pandemic

The IET organises more than 200 events across the country in line with its vision of ‘Working to engineer a better world’. These include conferences, seminars, networking events and panel discussions. Each of these focuses on the latest ideas, technologies, insights and debates on key topics affecting engineers and technicians across the globe. IET India has re-engineered these events in response to the global pandemic – COVID-19 and the resultant lockdown across the world and has launched IET India Digital Conversations.

As a part of the IET’s continuous quest to deliver insights that will help its members and partners tide over this challenge, these Digital Conversations will feature national as well as global experts from various fields to exchange ideas on critical issues around work, tech and move. Episode 1 of these conversations dealt with ‘Navigating your career through COVID-19’ and was held on 27 March, 2020. Industry leaders and thought leaders walked us through the aspects of change that will impact our career within the framework of Tech, Work and Move. Episode 2 was on “Mind – Your own business, Maintaining our sanity at the times of a pandemic”. The session focused on mental wellness and the impact of lockdown & isolation and featured mental health experts from around the world. We understood how to recognise the potential challenges that we could be dealing with due to the lockdown and the best practices to avoid them. The topics ranged from loneliness, anxiety, self-isolation and stress during the current uncertainty.

The link to both these recording can be found on IET India’s YouTube Channel.

Episode 3 of IET India Digital Conversations scheduled on 17 April, 2020 is titled, ‘Adapt, Improvise and Overcome: The essential skills post the pandemic’. This conversation will focus on understanding the skills that will be needed post the pandemic as we rebuild the world. Our experts will discuss how to craft strategies that will enable employees and organisations effectively deal with skilling and learning challenges that this pandemic brings. Check out our social media handles to know more.



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