IIID announces ‘Karona Kuch’ initiative to battle COVID-19 pandemic

‘Karona Kuch’ is a unique initiative by the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) to help convert existing public places like stadiums, halls, churches and schools – into hospitals and quarantine wards through design intervention to battle the COVID 19 pandemic.┬áIIID is the apex professional body of Designers, Architects and related Trade in the country with a PAN India presence of around 10000 members.


Karona Kuch is a call for responses from Designers to come forward in this time of crisis and let their creativity and innovativeness pave the way to make a powerful impact by saving lives.


The opportunity is open for designers across the nation, so anyone can submit the design and become part of the initiative. Ideas from air-domes to prefab cubicles to assembly kits for beds, tables, dust bins, coveralls; Ideas on impermeable materials, prefab, protocol, processes for speed, ease and optimum resources; Ideas on how to spread cheer with the right light, feel and colour – all these have the potential to make a powerful impact and each one of them will be welcomed.


The ideas can be submitted in any format like a written idea, perhaps a sketch, a specification, a technique or even a word of caution. The designers can even come up with designs, drawings, products, services, ideas, apps, games, information or media – all these interventions have the potential to serve the purpose; all these interventions can help save lives.


After the successful submission, all the entries will be categorized as per the need addressed. A panel of 20 designers, divided into 4 panels will assess the entries. IIID will share all the ideas with the Chief Secretaries of States, relevant departments of Health and Admin with a review. The final call to pick up the ideas will be taken based on the need of the particular state and idea relevancy. The selected idea will be put into immediate use. The Institute of Indian Interior Designers team will also give recognition to all the entries via a special publication of all the ideas.



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