Ikk Panjab organises a food-full afternoon with Kamlesh Gill, people’s favourite Dadi

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IKK PANJAB is an initiative to bring a long-lost culinary paradise back to life. Situated in Rajouri Garden, Ikk Panjab celebrates the food and culture of the undivided kingdom before vested interests broke up the ancient kingdom. Grandmas and royal chefs shared their culinary secrets that have been lost in time. The recipes have been sourced from multiple cities and towns ranging from Lahore, Multan, Faislabad, Rawipindi, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Sialkot in East Panjab to Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Hoshiarpur in West Panjab. All in all, the restaurant is a blend of multi-sensory experience of an opulent and colourful era.

Ikk Panjab, the renowned Indian eatery organised an afternoon full of food, cherishing the culture of Punjab in the presence of Ms. Kamlesh Gillpeople’s favorite Dadi and Mr. Vikramjeet Singh Rooprai. The restaurant honours the undying spirit of the land of five rivers and enthrals its customers with authentic delicacies of Punjab. The event was led by Mister Tikku which is one of Delhi’s most-loved community of food enthusiasts.

The event kickstarted with Vikramjeet’s storytelling about the rich Sikh history which triggered nostalgia in many present there. He unexplored some of the interesting unknown facts of Punjab and is known as the founder of India’s largest Heritage-Hobby club. That’s not it, the key highlight of event was Dadi, Ms. Kamlesh Gill from the movie Vicky Donor. At an old age, she is brimming with enthusiasm, relishing every bit of the event. Everyone was dressed up in typical Punjabi outfits matching the theme– Salwar Kameez and Kurta Pajama. The food was finger licking good and gave total Punjabi vibe. Highlights of the afternoon were Dhoodh soda- Punjabi Special Drink, IP Butter Chicken, Pathan di Kesar Badam Kulfi and mouth-watering Jalebi. In addition, special gift hampers from Sattviko and 5 special prizes from 1469 original were given.

Mr. Rajan Sethi, Promoter & Managing Director, Ikk Panjab, quotes, “We are delighted to organize an event witnessing an unparalleled jugalbandi of a historian and a chef who took us on a journey to savour the flavours of an era gone by. Revisiting one’s roots was never so intellectually enriching and gastronomically fulfilling. Vikramjit Rooprai’s brilliant exposition on the ancient land of Panjab at the Ikk Panjab was a masterclass in bringing history alive. Special thanks to Gurpreet Singh Tikku and his wonderful team for curating an awe-inspiring event which was conceptually brilliant, flawless execution and amazing attention. Looking forward to adding more such experiences in future.”

Mr. Vikramjeet Singh Rooprai, founder of India’s largest Heritage-Hobby club, added, “Today’s event was not like other usual events, where people come, socialize, have meal and return, it was ‘alive’. There was a sense of nostalgia in the air. The aura was created so that everyone forgets about rest of the world and feels like a true Punjabi, while enjoying their meals. Nonetheless, congratulating my friend, Mister Tikku for putting up an amazing show.”

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Tikku, Founder of Mister Tikku Experiences, further adds, “We at Mister Tikku are elated to host an event for Ikk Panjab. Not just an event, we strive to bring happiness to each one’s life and this entire experience was incredible which was visible through the smiling faces of many. I would recommend you all to visit Ikk Panjab for its great food, welcoming ambience and personalised service.