Impact of Planet Saturn on Life

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If you are going through a certain Saturn (Shani) period, it will influence you and your mind. Does Saturn affect our lives negatively?

Planet Saturn, out of all the other planets in astrology, is deemed to be the most alarming. This planet casts its effects on nearly every house of the horoscope and essentially stays always activated in life. It even strings the native to the future and past lives, as per a famous astrologer near me.


The house or bhava where Saturn resides turns out to be its individual house. It also seriously intervenes in the activities of the house where it resides. This planet even casts an eclipse on the part of the lord of that house.


There are 3 aspects of planet Saturn, known to be fatal in its aspects. Thus, with aspect and position, the number of houses under Saturn’s spell turns out to be 4.


This planet is the lord of Aquarius and Capricorn. Therefore, the number of effects now rises to 10 out of 12 houses.


Saturn has a negative shadow on the twelfth house and fourth house from its position. The number of houses is now 12; it signifies that Saturn will impact every house in the natal chart.

Saturn’s Role in Astrology

While Saturn is positioned in a tough situation in a person’s horoscope, he or she tends to be egoistic and self-seeking. The person will undergo several problems, hindrances, sorrow, antagonism, and loss.

The impact of this planet might seem to be partial or great. If this planet is balanced with other celestial bodies, its synergistic impacts will bring about positive outcomes for the person. In case the enemy planets of Saturn strike with it, there may be possibilities of trouble. All planets will bring distinct outcomes with the Saturn amalgamation. If Saturn sits in either Aquarius or Capricorn, it is deemed to be within its native sign because it is the ruling planet for both these zodiacs.

Dasha Associated With Planet Saturn

For at least 19 years, the Dasha of Saturn remains. At the time of Mahadasha, Saturn in a sturdy position is beneficial, and it’ll give the person the quality of sincerity, diligence, steadiness, enhancement in focus, etc. But, a malefic Saturn at the time of Mahadasha will result in ailments associated with bones, the tension in love and family life. The person may also experience financial loss and burglary and will go through every type of torrid period.

Astrological Remedies for a Weak Saturn

If you have a weak Saturn in your natal chart, there are chances of awful periods in life, says an astrologer in California. There are various ways to lower the malefic effects of this planet. Below we’ve mentioned a few astrological remedies to boost a weak Saturn:

  1.     Give footwear to the needy.
  2.     Avoid drinking buffalo milk or milk at night
  3.     Take an earthen pot, fill it with honey, and then cover it and bury it beneath running water.
  4.     To reduce the Saturn effects, do Shanti Shanti Graha Puja.
  5.     Keep silver with you to calm a malefic Saturn.

Saturn’s Nature according To Vedic Astrology

If the planet Saturn is in an auspicious position in one’s horoscope, it grants everything he/she wants. This planet will be really favorable for the native in terms of wealth, health, and fortune. It is also the commander for endurance. Read further to know the nature of a beneficial Saturn and afflicted Saturn:

  1.     Beneficial Saturn

The native will be trustworthy, earnest, virtuous, faithful, and straightforward. It helps in focus, prayers, and meditation.

  1.     Afflicted Saturn

A malefic or afflicted Saturn will lead to conflict, argument, misery, sadness, trouble, postponement, and differences. Those born under the influence of an afflicted Saturn are sluggish, futile, and lethargic people.

Saturn Effects on the 12th house

The twelfth house is the ruler of accomplishment or wind-ups, worries, intuitive mind, old age and after-life. It indicates separation from materialistic things and reflects a mystical positioning and fascination. Those with such a Saturn position in his or her horoscope want to stay alone mostly. They feel comfortable at remote or isolated locations so that they can adjust in foreign lands, work in mines or rigs and engage in jobs in jails.


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