Important Things You Should Know About Blue World City Blocks

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Blue world city Islamabad is an upscale housing project in the vicinity of twin cities. Moreover, several properties are now available in the community that ensures luxurious living standards for everyone. 

The developers keep world-class living standards in mind to facilitate future residents in keeping up with their higher living goals. A variety of blocks are available in the housing project that offers different sizes of properties to the investors where they can make reasonable and preferable living standards. 

The other details of the properties are available in the blue world city blog, enhancing the prospective residents’ buying capacity. 

Blue World City Blocks

Numerous blocks are available in the community that will facilitate the investors in making sustainable living standards. There will be residential and commercial units for all investors and future residents. Lastly, their details and names are as follows:

Blue World City Sports Valley 

One of the well-known home estates, The BWC Islamabad, is here with yet another enthralling block. A recent development along Defence Road is called Blue World City Sports Valley. This Block is a profitable and attractive investment due to its proximity to the Rawalpindi 

Circular Road, Isb Lhr  M2 Motorway,  the amazing CPEC Route, and International Airport in Islamabad. There will also be several properties, ranging in size from 5 Marlas to 1 Kanal. the developers have kept the prices very reasonable as compare to location and facilities it offered making it an ideal real estate investment.

Overseas Block

To give a taste of international facilities to overseas Pakistanies, the developers have introduced Oveerseas Block designed exclusively for overseas Pakistanis. 

In this Block both residential and commercial plots of different sizes are available at pocket friendly prices. Additionally, Chakri Road provides direct access to The Overseas Block. This area also enjoys having its designated gate pass via the Society’s main entrance.

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses

An active, noisy lifestyle with a regular schedule can be challenging. Therefore, one always fantasizes about moving to a peaceful, quiet location to escape this monotonous routine, where you can experience the luxury and admire the natural splendour. For more info about blue world city location contact us on this link.

The Blue Hills Country Farmhouse is in a peaceful, idealized area in the middle of the community. Additionally, it includes a magnificent stream of water that borders the town and surrounds its idyllic natural setting.

Additionally, residents might idealize the peaceful and relieving Society to embrace a life devoid of the metropolis and full of safety and comfort.

General Block

The General Block will be facilitating investors and potential buyers with the best living standard. Moreover, according to Blue World City’s payment plan, the rates of plots in this block are affordable as compared to other blocks of society. The developers are keen to make it the ideal living place for all investors and the living residents. 

Furthermore, numerous residential and commercial units will be part of the community to help create worthwhile investments. The other relevant details will be available at the 

Executive Block

The Society has also introduced Executive Block, its newest structure and a perfect complement to the lovely urban neighborhood. It is also close to twin cities. The residents of the Block will have access to all necessary amenities. 

Additionally, BWC this Block residents will have access to a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Further, customers can benefit from BWC Executive Block’s inexpensive costs to purchase the home of their choice. The administration of the Society has provided a simple, reasonable 4 financing plan for the property of different ranges like 5,10, and twenty Marlas.

Orbital Apartments

BWC Orbital Flats offer a top-notch, luxurious style of life. The only flat option in Pakistan can be preferable if anyone wants to spend the entire day fascinated by gorgeous surroundings. The two-hundred-and-eight-foot-wide orbital highway has enhanced services and attractions, beautiful green belts, well-kept playgrounds, the most famous horse mascot, and more. 

All lavish lives at reasonable rates are uncommon in Pakistan, which classifies the concept of elegance as a whole. Additionally, the Blue World City payment plan constantly makes its clients feel better. 

Waterfront District

The soon-to-be-operational waterfront block will be an enjoyable and innovative Block of  Society.  Additionally, Water  Theme Park, another popular spot, is nearby. 

The most unique and remarkable resorts, hilly terrain, and more than 7,000 sq m of land will be nearby. Society has unveiled its beachfront Block, which features residences with lots that are 6, 12, and 18 Marlas in size.

Awami Residential Block

The ARC is the Latest addition to the magnificent housing project, BWC. There are single and two-bedroom apartments in this residential structure, both of which come fully furnished and offer breathtaking views of the neighborhood. 

Each department’s design also offers upscale facilities and comforts within the budget. The Blue World City Islamabad Location of this Block lies on Chakri Road,  the most prominent avenue adjacent to the Islamabad New Airport. 

This Block is also near the project’s main entrance. Additionally, the BGC will execute the advancement to the highest standards. Consequently, it has gathering spaces and office settings suited for this vital asset.

Hollywood Block

Hollywood Block is the finest and most sophisticated Block in BWC. The Blue World City Islamabad Location of this Block is near  Trafalgar Square. It has located. Gates 1 & 2 of the Housing Society allow access to the Block. Some of its noteworthy features include a spectacular Mosque, a safe residential neighborhood, a giant Hollywood symbol, a big widescreen cinema, a Book Club, a magnificent sitting area, vast open spaces, business facilities, and solid security and surveillance. Additionally, this Block offers lavish 1, 2, and 4 Kanal properties also 10 Marlas deluxe assets.

Features & Facilities

The BWC is not only the symbol of extravagant and sophisticated architecture. It also gives its citizens the finest facilities and conveniences. Some of the characteristics it provides customers are here.

  • Replica  Blue Mosque
  •   Water park
  • Amazing Infrastructure 
  • In Society Police station 
  • Power Plant
  • Secured  Gated Neighbourhood
  • Healthcare Facilities and pharmacies 
  • Academic organizations
  • Affordable Pricing  
  • Contemporary Commercial Hubs
  • Well-Maintained Playgrounds and Gardens
Document for Booking Plots
  • Two fresh Photos of the Buyer
  • Photocopy of CNIC
  • Photocopy of next of family CNIC
  • Receipt or Screenshot of Deposit Payment

For citizens of twin cities, BWC might be the ideal housing projects society. The development’s affordable rates and installment options are its most attractive feature. Furthermore, the project offers its inhabitants every top-notch modern amenity. 

Moreover, the Blue World City payment plans are affordable and attract investors. Therefore, if someone wants to invest in BWC, right now is a perfect moment since the costs are low since Society is still developing.

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