India Runway Week 2018 – My Experience

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Hey hi peeps hope you all are doing great . This is my first post in the my story column on The Inspire Spy as I cover the tech niche of The Inspire Spy but I thought I should share my thoughts on something that I experienced.

Recently I visited India Runway week which was conducted by crux pr agency I would take an opportunity to thank to the agency first of all to invite me to the event and secondly congratulate them for the success of the India Runway Week .

First Experience –

It was my very first time at any fashion event as I basically only cover gadgets , tech launches . So the thing which I discovered was very awkward . As I saw many celebrities and many fashion bloggers and influencers who I guess have or had or would be influencing others or their followers by their content . But some things were not right with the fashion bloggers I don’t know why but I find out something very awkward about them .

Bloggers Meet by Havells –

In between India Runway Week Havells,  a known brand as you all would have known it conducted an blogger’s meet where many fashion bloggers where invited and well I was invited too but I didn’t knew what to do with that as being from a tech background we have few brief about the products it’s specifications are explained and that’s it and then the bloggers are allowed to visit the demo zone ( where all the products are displayed ) . But here the fashion bloggers are allowed to get a grooming session from havells India by their hairstylist and then the meet was supposed to be over .

Something wasn’t right –

Isn’t it ….. No I just missed something right ????
Yeah the media kits or in the fashion terms the goodies… I saw that the brand was giving the goodies to the bloggers as a token of gratifications but the bloggers seems to be unhappy with their gifts . Some of them were complaining about the gifts that they didn’t want the gift or they want something else and i was shocked that how can someone deny a gift as if a brand is giving you the gift it also matters but they didn’t liked it and few bloggers started complaining that they have straight hairs why are they given curler and vice versa and I saw one couple asking the volunteers to give them the most expensive gift . I was like what……
Even getting that too they were not looking happy . And let me tell you guys all the bloggers were the female fashion bloggers only few male bloggers were there but they didn’t hesitated for the gifts and also I want to conclude that the brand also wanted a post from the bloggers just as per deliverable but few bloggers denied and plus that brand also asked for the reach of the bloggers I saw few bloggers have 10k , 20k ,30k and even 110k followers on social platforms especially on Instagram I was quite impressed that okay I was surrounded by many great influencers but at the same time there were some bloggers who were beginners, who just started .

Fashion bloggers only need goodies ?

As the event came to end, the bloggers meet was over but few bloggers were left as they haven’t got their goodies then a gentle man came to them and asked them if they can collect their gifts tomorrow as the India Runway Week was conducted for 3 days and it was the 2nd day . But they told him that they want the gifts at the same time as they won’t be able to make it tomorrow and at the same time the token of appreciation or gratifications aka goodies were over .
And then the bloggers started complaining about the mismanagement and the event wasn’t managed well . But in my thinking all the bloggers enjoyed the blogger’s meet and the one who got the goodies were happy and some were sad and looking at their faces I guess they were angry as they didn’t got their token of appreciation .

So they started misbehaving with the gentleman as after that I came to know that the gentleman was also an  influencer with a good publication and was helping in the blogger’s meet .

The 4th Day –

After the 3rd day of India Runway Week I was surfing on Facebook as it was in my priority list I searched for the hashtag #indiarunwayweek as there was a buzz for the same.
and came across an article by non other than guess who?????

The lady who haven’t got the goodies from the Havells blogger’s meet . I was like okay… Let me have a look at the article I saw she was defaming the Agency name just because she didn’t got the gift. I was surprised like why ? But then I understood that it’s not her fault it’s the fashion bloggers fault .

My experience with a fashion blogger –

As I recently had a word with one of my friend who is a fashion blogger and we were talking about the events it was hike’s event where they launched a new feature in hike . So we were talking –

Me : asking here – well how is your fashion events ? like as I haven’t been into one .
She : They are way better than your tech events as they are not boring and they give goodies but in your tech events they didn’t provide any kind of gratification .

I was a little shocked that this is the mentality of the fashion bloggers . I was like then the fashion bloggers attend the events only for goodies .

That day and the India runway week I then came to know why my friend told me that .

Few terms for all the bloggers from any niches –

I guess the bloggers need to raise their thinking in few terms namely ,

1. If the brand is approaching you it’s itself a thing as you are not only to whom they can approach there are lot of actors and actresses .

2. And if the brand is inviting you in an event you should be thank full to them as why would they invite you in their event / launch if you are something .

3. What they want in return well if you are from a good publication or a influencer or a blogger then you should be having a blog then the least you can do is that provide them with a social post as you are a influencer by influencing your followers or by providing a blog post by making them aware about the brand .

4. Gratifications – well this is the tough one, if the brand wants to gift you something then you should not hesitate to take it as they are also investing something for something . Even if it doesn’t matter to you but it matters to the brand . And if they are giving you the gifts then you should not ask for changing it or giving the other one as it reflects the kind of person you are and I Guess it would not be a good impression on the brand as an influencer .

How was the India Runway Week

And as far as I talk about my experience at India Runway Week, it was amazing. I met few great Bollywood actresses and I was very lucky to meet them and I also thanks crux pr for this opportunity too .

Here by I end this blog and soon I would be posting my other experiences too.This is me, the author of The Inspire Spy .

Thank You

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