India’s first Emergency Response ServiceTOPSLINE 1252 crosses the 7.5 Lakh subscriber base mark in Mumbai

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Mumbai faces over 5,000 emergencies every month. From heart attacks, to assaults, to fire emergencies; crises are piling up day by day.

Dr Dewan Rahul Nanda, Group Chairman & Founder of TOPSGRUP, has a solution; India’s first subscription-based private Emergency Response Service (ERS), TOPSLINE 1252, which commits to save lives in 9 minutes has been servicing the city since 11th September 2004.

TOPSLINE 1252 is owned and operated by TOPSGRUP, India’s leading private security and services group. Established in 2005, TOPSLINE 1252 is equipped with 100 vehicles comprising of Life Patrols, and Life Brigades, which are equipped with a mobile ICU, cardiac support, and also firefighting unit. This life saving membership comes at a nominal fee of Rs 183 per month, per subscriber, merely Rs 6 per day, and can be utilised unlimited number of times, with no additional cost. Currently, TOPSLINE 1252 has saved over 1,00,000 lives, throughout Mumbai, and suburban areas, like Thane, Navi Mumbai (upto CBD Belapur) and Mira Road.

TOPSLINE 1252 is unlike every other ambulance provider in India as of now. This is because, TOPSLINE 1252 responds not only to medical emergencies but to emergencies of any sort. Whether it’s a fire emergency, an assault attack, or even burglary, TOPSLINE 1252 will provide their emergency response service. For all non-medical responses, TOPSLINE 1252 has specifically curated a force of Vigilance Officers, who are either ex-army officers, black belts, or fire fighters. But it does not stop there. TOPSLINE 1252 commits to providing a 9 minute response time, which is unbeatable in a crowded and congested city like Mumbai.

Their Life Patrols (2 wheelers) and Life Brigades are strategically positioned at every 3 – 6 kms radius, and are fitted with RTS (Radio Trunking System) and GPS (Global Positioning System), which allows for their Command and Control Centre in Goregaon to instantly track vehicles all over Greater Mumbai, and dispatch them for any distress call.

Dr Dewan Rahul Nanda believes, “Our Emergency Response Service managed by a dedicated team of trained paramedics and security professionals is like a Life Insurance policy which should be availed by all the citizens. It is a life saver in high percentage of emergencies”. TOPSLINE 1252 goes a step further, and assists all their customers with procedural support needed while filing FIRs or hospital admissions.

The current subscribers base include 200+ reputed banks and corporates such as Reliance, Vodafone, Bharat Petroleum, Taj Group, Hyatt, Edelweiss, L&T, Airports, amongst others. This month, TOPSLINE 1252 also just crossed the 7.5 Lakh subscriber base mark, who have put their faith in the services to protect and save their loved ones in times of emergencies

TOPSLINE 1252 currently clocking a Rs 15-crore annual fees base is aiming to double its revenue with a target 2 million subscription base by 2020, through a national aggregator model to be launched within the next few months.

More than 14 years in operation, TOPSLINE 1252 has been aiding local authorities too in various contingencies such as the 26/11 terrorist attack in 2008 whereby it was acknowledged for its strategic support in quick evacuation of victims across all under-seize sites in South Mumbai.

The Rs 800+ Crores award winning TOPSGRUP, partners with thousands of national & international businesses in India and secures assets worth trillions of dollars. TOPSGRUP, India’s most respected security and services brand, provides Total Service Solutions spanning Manned Guarding, Event Security, Facility Management and Maintenance, Training and Placements, Security Systems, Investigations and Emergency Response Service. TOPSGRUP employs approx 140,000 employs and delivers solutions from 251 Offices all across India. TOPSGRUP is headquartered in Mumbai, the financial capital of India.