Indoor wireless survey software v/s LTE 4G/5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

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Indoor wireless survey software: When it comes to wireless coverage, every building owner needs proper solutions to know that their wireless connection is performing well. It has been seen that people often use RF planning tools like the Simulation Tool and old fashioned 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester but such tools are basically used prior to installation of indoor 4G, or Wi-Fi units in any building.

Simulation tools are generally used in newly constructed buildings (however they may use in the already existing building also) where the coverage 4G small cell or Wi-Fi units need to be installed. As the name states, a simulation tool can use to stimulate locations (without visiting the site) where they need to install a Wi-Fi connection based on floor plan and dimension which means it provides some sort of accurate information.

It is the biggest drawback of this particular tool. Here comes RantCell tool, which is the best tool that gives full accuracy/accurate results in indoor wireless testing. For example, if you are an owner of a big mall or any other type of building. Let’s say, more than 30-40 floors, then the RantCell tool is the best appropriate for indoor testing instead of the simulation tool. 

So, are you one of them who is looking for smart indoor wireless survey software solutions? No worries! Because this is where RantCell comes in to help you solve your problem! RantCell software will aid in identifying areas with possible drops in wireless coverage and radio interference. So, now a question arises what is a wireless survey software solution? It is a tool or software used to help perform any wireless site survey.

Let’s read more…

A wireless site survey is basically used to design and forecast a wireless network (4G and 5G coverage) by using computer-based software. A wireless survey software solution is beneficial to capture wireless data (Wi-Fi spectrum and Modem) at your particular site, which ensures your wireless setup runs seamlessly and at maximum network bandwidth. Furthermore, this software survey solution (a WiFi survey or RF site survey) also helps to identify and eliminate weak wireless signals or dead spots.

There are some steps that you need to follow while performing a Basic Indoor Wireless Site Survey. First of all, review the layout of the site (home building or office building), and then plot out the locations where you plan to install each indoor access point. After this, you go to the site, use your wireless site survey software or RF planning tool like RantCell along with your spectrum analyzer to identify radio interference, and building construction materials for better wireless coverage purposes. As both of these environmental factors may impact negatively on wireless coverage. You should recognize these so that adjustments to the installation to get confirmed that WiFi is available as per need and the number of obstructions is eliminated.

Indoor wireless survey software

Avail smart indoor wireless survey software solutions from RantCell Software:

For indoor wireless survey software solutions, you can use your mobile phone through the RantCell app to do a basic test on an indoor access point’s wireless range and signal strength. The site survey software like Rantcell will only detect WiFi signals such as 4G network coverage or 5G network coverage. At RantCell, User Experience is the crucial part, and hence, it believes in delivering top speed performance through its site survey software. Every wireless survey, be it a WiFi or Modem primarily used to calculate critical deployment considerations such as Wi-Fi coverage, access points locations, interface, and networking requirements.

So, when you choose indoor wireless (WiFi or modem) survey for your building, RantCell software is the best that enables to measure of key performance indicators (KPI) such as data speed (download speed test & upload speed test), voice calls, SMS test, ping(latency), dropped calls of 2G(GSM, GPRS, and EDGE), 3G (UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA, and HSPA+), 4G(LTE), 5G(NR), Wi-Fi and CDMA mobile network by performing repetitive speed test, SMS test, HTTP download test, ping(latency) and voice calls. Moreover, some other important KPIs that RantCell use while doing indoor or walk test survey are as follows: – 

  • RSRP KPI statistics
  • RSRQ KPI statistics
  • PCI KPI statistics
  • LTESNR KPI statistics, etc.

Benefits of using RantCell indoor walk test solution:

  • Any smartphone (Android) user can change their setting to test the indoor coverage tool by inserting the floor plan of that particular site and only with the help of the RantCell app.
  • With the RantCell application, users can load floor plans of any building (small or large size) from their Android photo Gallery. And thereafter they can transfer them to Google indoor map satellite view of buildings for walk testing.
  • Once the test done. Floor plans and reports can shared among your staff or other required personnel as those reports are uploaded/stored centrally on the cloud.
  • RantCell app easy to operate, and its indoor navigation can conducted by even a non-technical staff also.
  • Indoor test data once done successfully uploaded to the RantCell Cloud server in real-time.
  • RantCell provides users a facility to users for access an Online Web-based dashboard indoor floor plan for post-analysis.
  • It cost-effective and available as an online subscription plan starting from $80/month.
  • Users don’t require any investment in specific hardware and post-analysis tools.
  • RantCell provides you an opportunity to connect with Mass deployable more than 500+ devices through RantCell Enterprise solution or on RantCell crowd Metrix solutions.

Final Say

Are you facing problems in accessing your network within your premises? If yes, choose the RantCell app and RantCell web-based solution. Comprehending the diverse requirements of varied clients. The RantCell committed to providing both wireless indoor testing and outdoor testing surveys. 

RantCell assists you in getting a well-performed wireless internet connection such as wireless 4G coverage and wireless 5G coverage that match your environment by using certain KPIs like Voice call. Speed test (upload and downloads tests), SMS Test, Networking, Latency test. Stress testing possible with multiple iterations of the test, and Video streaming test. Contact Megron Tech today for more information, we will be happy to help. GOOD LUCK!

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