Interesting Facts about Curtain

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The fact about Curtain is that it is the beauty of a house and the most important of interior design. We all know where to hang curtains, different brands of curtains, styles of curtains, cleaning curtains. And tips and tricks about curtains cleaning and maintenance but we (most of us) don’t know interesting facts about them.

We have collected some of the most important and searched on Google queries about curtains and we will answer those questions.

  1. Who invented curtains?

Curtains were named “portieres” thousands of years ago by ancient Greek and Romans. Curtains were invented by Egyptians early in 3100 B.C to the 3rd century B.C.

They used them as doorways with hooks to secure homes and were made of animal hides. And the curtains were introduced into the homes of the rich in the 15th century.

Curtains have been used for thousands of years, and in Ancient Greek and Roman civilization, ‘portières’ were regularly draped over doorways.

During the Victorian era, curtain designs grew notably elegant and lavish, and they were employed to adorn windows as well as doors.

The great Egyptians invented curtains and employed them throughout their dominion, from early 3100 B.C. to the 3rd Century B.C. Animal hides were used to make the first curtains, which were hung with hooks indoors.

  1. From where does the word “curtain” come from?

The word “curtain” comes from the Old French word ‘cortine’ meaning blanket, and Late Latin ‘cortina’.

  1. What is one curtain called?

When we talk about curtains, we think of two pieces of fabric. But curtains are sold in pairs, so we can call a single curtain panel, one piece of fabric. Mostly, we need a bundle of panels.

  1. What is the top part of a curtain called?

The top part of a curtain is known as ‘valances’. They don’t move, meaning that they are stationary.

  1. How long do curtains last?

The life expectancy of curtains depends upon their fabrics and quality. Sheer curtains last up to 3 years, glass fibre curtains 3 years, lined draperies for 5 years, and unlined draperies for 4 years.

  1. What curtains are in style 2021?

Out of unlimited curtains, there are 8 curtains that are in demand or trending in 2021. And these are neutral colours, curtain patterns, silk curtains, blackout curtains, layered curtains, Pom Tasselled curtains, linen curtains, and airy curtains.

  1. What is curtain swag?

A pelmet in the UK and window valance in the US is a window treatment cloth that covers the uppermost part of the window is called swag. Or, draping form is referred to as swag.

  1. What are the different types of curtains called?

Well, there are many kinds of curtains out there in the market and every day new curtains launch. Here, we have selected the most liked and used list of curtains, and they are eight.

These are Tab-Top curtains, Pleated curtains, Window Scarf, Café curtains, Sheer curtains, Blackout curtains, Eyelet or Grommet curtains, and Casement or Rod Pocket curtains.

  1. Can the curtain be opaque?

Yes, curtains can be opaque. And opaque curtains are the most secure, privacy-protective, and light blocking. They are made from a thick liner, and because of this, it is also called a blackout curtain sometimes.

  1. What is a curtain pelmet?

A pelmet is also known as valance is used above a window for curtains and is made from a wooden frame or fabric border. It is used to hide the curtain and look decoratively. Also, used in heat insulation from the room.

  1. Why do curtains have two-rod pockets?

Rod Pockets are good for managing and balancing facts about curtains with layered window coverings. The two-rod pockets are used due to rods slipping at the top and bottom so that the curtains could be secured.

  1. What are the easiest curtains to open?

Ringed panels or ring-top panels or also called grommets are very easy to open. Actually, they are attached to the top or near the top edge to open easily.

  1. What holds up a curtain?

The fact about curtains is that they have different names with different styles and sizes are available for holding curtains up. Rings, brackets, finials, facts about curtains, poles, and curtains rods are all modern styles to your curtains. Draperies have also used these holdings.

  1. Are curtains cheaper than blinds?

Blinds are cheaper than curtains because they don’t have much in size and use expensive cloth or materials. For a small room, blinds are the best option to buy.

  1. Is curtain an insulator?

Yes, curtains work as an insulator for windows. They also fill the empty spaces in the room. They can work as a filter to your room. Filter exterior air to maintain the interior environment.

Facts about Curtain

One fact about curtains is a type of window treatment that can be used to partially or completely exclude light, vision, water, or a specific view.

You know, curtains, which are also known as drapes, are commonly used on windows, doors, baths, and stages. Curtains are often composed of various thicknesses of cloth and are classed as sheer,’ ‘uncoated,’ or ‘coated.’

Many curtains can be opened and closed with the help of human energy, a string pulley, or mechanical interaction.


The word ‘curtain’ stems from the Latin and Greek words ‘cortine’, which can be translated from the Old French word for the same meaning.

Well, curtains have been used for thousands of years, and in Ancient Greek and Roman civilization, ‘portières’ were regularly draped over doorways.

During the Victorian era, curtain designs grew notably elegant and lavish, and they were employed to adorn windows as well as doors. Facts about curtains grew more common in the 1900s, with practically every building having at least one curtain.

Curtains come in a wide range of colours, materials, forms, and sizes, and different designs, notably heights and materials, serve distinct purposes. Hooks, rings, buttons, and rods, or a combination of these, are commonly used to secure curtains to a specified location.


Well, all these are some of the popular and unique questions to answer. What you know and what you don’t know about curtains is a matter of your interest.

Knowing interior design, then about curtains, curtain pressing and maintenance, curtain cleaning, curtain washing, curtain dry cleaning, and curtain steam cleaning is all that you must know if you are interested in gaining knowledge all about Curtains!