Introducing The Google Pixel 5: A Review

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Many consider the Google Pixel series of smartphones as one of the best Android devices. All the recently released models have performed tremendously and gained popularity among users within a short time. 

Google has recently released the latest model in the series, Pixel 5, in late 2020. Now, based on the performance delivered by the previous models, users have high expectations from the Pixel 5. 

So, can this new addition to the Pixel series fulfil your expectations? You’ve come to the right place if you want to find that out. So, keep reading to find out what Pixel 5 offers you and its pros and cons. Based on that, you can make a clear decision on whether it’s worth your money. 

What Features Do You Get in the Pixel 5?

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The Pixel 5 comes with a wide range of advanced features. Here are some of the most significant ones among them:

  • Software 

Software is one of the most crucial aspects of a smartphone. After all, it plays quite a significant role in the functioning of your device. Pixel 5 comes with an Android 11 system pre-installed on it. It’s the latest major system version that Android released in 2020. Here are some of the best features you get in Android 11 and the Pixel 5:

Better Voice Access

The Voice Access feature is present in all the recent Android versions. But, it’s not as polished as older versions as it is on Android 11. In the previous versions, you’re forced to use touch to command your phone under certain circumstances. However, with a more optimized Voice Access, Android 11 understands your commands much better.

App Suggestions

This new feature is available only on Pixel devices right now. As it happens, you might use certain apps more frequently than others on your device. In that case, the system will show them on the bottom row of your Home screen. Also, in case you’re wondering, you have the option to disable this feature as well. 

Dark Theme Scheduler

The dark theme is quite a usual feature to save your phone’s battery life. Apart from that, it also helps to reduce the strain on the user’s eyes. In earlier Android versions, you had to turn this feature on or off manually. But, in Android 11, you can schedule a time for the dark theme as well. 

  • Processing Power, RAM, and Storage

The Pixel 5 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset and 8GB of device memory. And, that provides you with quite a powerful, as well as speedy performance. In case you’ve used the previous models, you can notice significant improvements in the performance. 

The Pixel 5 opens all programs and runs them at a faster speed than previous Pixel models. Moreover, it also provides you with quite an impressive gaming performance. You’ll experience lags very rarely on this device, even while playing games on maximum settings. 

Further, this device offers you a storage space of 128GB, which is currently the maximum you’ll get in smartphones. However, it doesn’t feature a slot for a memory card. So, what do you do in case you need more space? You can simply use the 100GB free offered by Google One storage. However, it’s free only for three months after you purchase the device. 

  • Battery Performance

Battery life is one of the most important aspects that you have to consider before buying a smartphone. The highest one you can find in the market right now is 6000 mAh. This smartphone features a battery with a capacity of 4080 mAh. This device can last almost 12 hours if you’re using Wi-Fi and streaming videos at full brightness. 

Now, most people generally don’t use full brightness while streaming videos. So, you can make your device last a bit longer and reach 12 hours of battery life. Moreover, it increases further if you set the time when you won’t be using the device. Overall, the Pixel 5 provides you with impressive battery life.

Apart from that, the Pixel 5 comes with a fast charger included in the box. In case you’re wondering, it also supports wireless charging. 

  • Camera Quality and Features

The Pixel 5 features 12.2MP and 16MP rear cameras. Apart from that, it also features an 8MP front camera. You also get certain advanced features in the cameras of this model as compared to older ones. Pixel 4A featured a 12.2MP primary camera, the same as the Pixel 5. But, you get better quality pictures when compared with the previous one. 

If you compare their performances, Pixel 5 does a better job at capturing details. Also, if you’ve used previous models, you’d find the pictures slightly more vibrant in this one. So, all the cameras in the Pixel 5 do an excellent job. 

Night Sight

This feature is a new addition to the Pixel series and is here to stay. Clicking good quality pictures even at low light is easier than ever before. So, Pixel 5 does a much better job than all previous models in low light. And, the Night Sight deserves all the credit for that.

  • Design and Display

The Pixel 5 features a 6-inch OLED display with 2340 x 1080p resolution. You’ll find the colours on the screen quite bright, immersive, and vibrant. To give you an idea, the contents of the screen are quite visible under direct sunlight. Now, this is something that the previous Pixel models didn’t offer you. 

Pixel 5 is also ahead of its predecessors when it comes to material. Instead of plastic back, you get an aluminium one on this model. However, the look remains quite similar to the previous models. This model also comes with an ultra-strong Gorilla Glass screen. 

Pros and Cons

The Pixel 5 comes with quite a lot of pros. But, like all devices, it also has its cons as well. So, here are some of the biggest ones that you must know:- 


Here are the main pros that you get in the Pixel 5: 

  • 5G connectivity
  • Android 11 system
  • Good battery life
  • Powerful processor
  • Fast and smooth performance 
  • Enhanced voice assistant
  • Fast charging 
  • Improved camera
  • Fingerprint unlock
  • No bloatware


The following are some of the main cons you’d find in Pixel 5: 

  • No external memory
  • Face unlock not available
  • Doesn’t feature a 3.5 mm audio jack
  • No headphones included


The Pixel 5 offers you more pros than cons. And, as we’ve seen, it surely does a better job than older models in the series. Most importantly, it has maintained the place of the Pixel series among some of the best Android devices. However, you might find certain alternatives more viable if you consider the specifications. Yet, the Pixel 5 does provide you with an excellent value for its price. 

It’s surely a better alternative for you if you think about it in the long run. Especially so because you’ll get system updates on it for 36 months, very few other smartphones can offer you the same. 


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Many consider the Google Pixel series of smartphones as one of the best Android devices. All the recently released models have performed tremendously and gained popularity among users within a short time.  Google has recently released the latest model in the series, Pixel 5, in late 2020. Now, based on the performance delivered by the...Introducing The Google Pixel 5: A Review