iRobot’s Braava mopping robots will give you a break from your house cleaning responsibilities

When you think of smart vacuum cleaners, iRobot is the first brand that pops up in your mind. An MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) spin-off, the company started its journey in 1990. While in the initial years, iRobot limited its offerings to military products, it delved into the consumer robotics market with its first domestic robot – Roomba. Roomba robots were extremely popular, with 1 million units sold in just two years. However, the company kept experimenting and ended up launching a variety of products designed to clean houses. Its Braava robots, for instance, are slightly different than regular robotic vacuum cleaners. In addition to sweeping, they can mop the floors as well. While not as advanced as Roombas, Brava robots are renowned for being extremely user-friendly and low-maintenance. These devices can efficiently clean hard surfaces like the floor, marble, tiles and wood.

Equipped with the Northstar Navigation Cube, Brava robots make use of iAdapt 2.0 technology to map and move around the cleaning area. Just like the Roomba robots, they also come with the Cliff-detecting sensors to keep it away from potential fall-off spots like the stairs.

The Brava mopping robots can be used for different cleaning purposes by changing the pad. You can use the dry sweeping mode for removing dust particles, dirt and pet hair from all hard floors, which include hardwood, tile, and stone. Whereas, the damp sweeping mode can pick up dirt and dust from sealed wood floors, tiles and stones. When it comes to triple-pass cleaning, you should choose the wet mopping mode to get rid of dirt and stains from floors.

The compact size of Braava robots also helps them to go under beds and sofas, ensuring every spot is cleaned thoroughly. Moreover, you can control them through the iRobot Home app from anywhere; whether you are at the office or a friend’s house. Thanks this integration, you can set virtual barriers around your Brava device to stop it from crossing your doorway. Another major highlight Brava robots have is their ‘spot cleaning’ feature. With this feature, they can focus on one particular area, instead of going around the entire room.

The latest models of Braava robots come with Alexa support. This means users can ask their Amazon Echo devices to control them.

Availability of Braava mopping robots

Braava mopping robots are available online on Amazon and iRobot’s website. You can also pick them up from the official flagship stores of iRobot and a few other selected offline stores such as Croma and Nashtronics Trading. In India, Puresight Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor of iRobot products.


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